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Spot 50 Butterflies Moths gI HATE it when a new story f s up the original story I wish J A Johnstone had read his father s original stories Maybe then he could keep the story straight and not put extraneous people and events in that were not in the original And it wasn t even really about Smoke Jensen How was this a Mountain Man novel First I have enjoyed the Smoke Jensen aka Mountain Man series but this book destroys the Big Rock Monty Carson and Louis Longmont histories and hurts Preacher s character Not aood book on any level Skip it Disappointed Too much biography I did not enjoy this book not the typical smoke jensen this book Not the typical smoke Jensen at All Hope The Next Story Has Action A Novel Told Hope the next story has action A Novel told the point of view of an aged Smoke Jensen1928 being interviewed for a book about some of the old west figures stil famous That s the framing for a series of stories involving Smoke his mentor Preacher and Smoke s own protege Matt Jensen The main part of the story involves Smoke taking. The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st CenturyIn Montana Territory one name above all others strikes fear and hatred in the hearts of the Crow Indians John Jackson better known these days as Liver Eating Jackson Consumed By Grief And Rage grief and rage mountain man has brutally killed ten braves so far in. ,
Butchery of the Mountain ManLiver Eater Jackson and himself by a college Professor Still a ood book have been READING BOOKS THAT WERE WRITTEN FROM books that were written Indians perspective This book is from the mountain man perspective There were some raphic death scenes but over all it was a ood book Enjoyed the 41st book of the smoke Jensen series Awful just awful Somebody lied to this author asking for an Indiana Jones tilt This author can t do dialogue and it was just ruined The first two chapters were stilted sentences ughstilt ed stilt dadjective1of a manner of talking or writing stiff and self conscious or unnaturalwe made stilted conversationsynonyms strained forced contrived constrained labored stiff self conscious awkward unnatural wooden This was my first time reading a western It s simple yet very entertaining Also I am a big fan of the movie Jeremiah Johnson which was based off of John Jackson so it was interesting to see part of that story told in a different way. Ory Smoke hears that twenty of the Crow's most fearsome warriors have banded together to hunt down their nemesis Without a second thought he rushes to his old friend's aid But even with Smoke Jensen at his side the fierce and fearless Liver Eating Jackson may not be able to beat the odds this at his side the fierce and fearless Liver Eating Jackson may not be able to beat the odds this

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On an Easterner that came west to Be A Mountain Man And Trap Smoke a mountain man and trap Smoke him how to survive and prosper in the Montana territory John Jackson is based on the real life mountain man John Liver eating Johnson The nickname comes from his revenge trek on the Crow for murdering his wife and son while he was away You see the Crow believe that a warrior is stuck in limbo whithout his liver John Jackson doesn t really eat the liver just a bite off the first But he knows of their beleifs and torments themIn the end But he knows of Their Beleifs And Torments ThemIn beleifs and torments themIn end joins him for a last stand against twenty of the Crow s finest warriorsA fine novel Butcher of mountain manthis was a very ood book all your books are reat why don t they make a movie with smoke Sally preacher pearly Matt cal Longmont and sheriff Carson it would be awesome Another well done Johnstone book Although written in a different style to a certain extent it is still ood In this book Smoke is interviewed about both John. His one man war of vengeance against the Crow who murdered his beloved wife Smoke Jensen knows Jackson by another name friend He's not sure to what extent Jackson's exploits are true devastating loss and frontier savagery have certainly driven lesser men mad While doing some trapping in the territ.