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Got it on Yes I know that we all had a fairly easy time finding out who the bad guy was but it was getting to that final piece of evidence in time to save a certain person s life that I loved Will be keeping an eye out for books from this author DNF 51%I started reading this in July of 2014 I couldn t really get into it so I put it aside I picked it up again thinking that maybe since I was already almost 12 way through the book might somehow get interesting it idn tBeck is a homicide Fox and the Box detective looking into a case that left 5 peopleead including his partner He s not at all happy when the FBI gets involved Especially when he finds out the agent he ll be working with is Zach the guy that turned him own 2 years before Zach had been in a relationship back then but was always attracted to Beck Even though he s single now he s still not sure being with Beck is a good idea mainly because they re working on a case together but also because they both have lots of baggageI idn t feel any chemistry between Beck and Zach There s supposed to be all kinds of sexual tension between them at the beginning at least that s what the author keeps telling me but I HBR Guide to Finance Basics for Managers didn t see it Once theyo have sex it lacked any heat It just left me feeling meh There s lots of issues they re going to have to eal with like Zach s needy and clingy ex Beck s PTSD the fact that Beck is in the closet and I m sure they come up later on in the book to provide some angst but I on t care enough to find outThis isn t a mystery The reader knows who the bad guy very early on The MCs suspect him too so it s just a matter of proving it Now I understand the police work in RL is probably not as interesting as they make it seem on TV When I m watching Law Order they tend to skip or skim over the boring stuff like paperwork and going over every 5g for the Connected World detail multiple times in a conference room There s no skipping or skimming over the boring stuff here Nope It s all there Not only are there mundaneetails of the case but also of the characters everyday lives I really Le Jardin Sur La Glace don t need so muchetail when someone brushes their teeth Then there was the scene that showed the bad guy coming home to reheat his The Book of Shaine dinner I m sure that it was meant to show the reader how bad the bad guy is since he s thinking about the murders as a way to advance his political career but it went into too muchetail about everything else He reads a note the maid left him that Discover Cooking with Lavender details everything that she left forinner what temperature to set the oven to and for how long to heat it Why is it necessary for me to know all that Then he scoffs at the note and just uses the #Microwave Because Bad Guys # because bad guys t use the oven shrugsWhich brings me to my final complaint There are too many POVs The bad guy is very one Constipation dimensional so Ion t understand why there were so many scenes from his perspective Every scene Jack the Giant Killer drives home the point that he s evil but there s no other layer to him He s aouche to everyone he sits around making plans to kill anyone who gets in his way yada yada yadaThere s another bad guy who also gets his own POV which seemed completely pointless to me I think his scenes were there to show how it was possible for him to steal a phone and make a call to Beck from prison The problem is they really A Day in the Budwig Diet didn t and it just felt like unnecessaryetails bogging this book Lambs To The Slaughter down 45 starsThis was a gripping read with two slightlyamaged but still alpha MCs The mystery here worked and was interesting an actual plot vs just filler And there was some smokin hot lovin The ending Córka Robrojka (Jeżycjada, did me in though I wanted a little closure a stronger HEA an epilogueamn it I wanted an epilogue First off a word of caution This was a murder mysteryFBI profiler case first MM romance second I warn you because I usually shy away from those type of MM books myself because they usually fail to hold my interest It s all about the MM romance for me But High Concept had a fantastic plot and a very satisfying romance to go along with itMC Detective Beck Stryker is recently back to work after suffering the loss of his police officer partner Dan and a ebilitating gunshot wound to his shoulder He is carrying around some major survivor s guilt and Is Constantly Checking Up On constantly checking up on partner s wife and her 2 young sonsMC FBI Profiler Dr Zach Littman has healed physically from an interview gone bad with a prison inmate 18 months earlier but still carries eep psychological scars from the incident He has recently broken up with a long term boyfriend and feels incredible guilt over the Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, disillusion of that relationship even though he has noesire to get back together with himSo two seriously fucked up MCs paired together to solve a crime One thing leads to another and they wind up in bed together grin It s a elicious roller coaster ride of mystery suspense lust sex and emotion from thereI can absolutely recommend High Concept to any and all lovers of policeFBI rama mysterysuspense hot Do I Owe You Money? The Collected Memoirs of Ian Mosley damaged boys finding each other and lovers of great MM romance I m so glad Iidn t wait for reviews and trusted my gut on this one because it was totally worth the 8 sticker price EL SUTIL ARTE DE QUE (CASI TODO) TE IMPORTE UNA MIERDA (HARPERCOLLINS) dreamy sigh. Ither of them needs is romantic entanglement with a fellow investigator butanger is a powerful aphrodisiac The case heats up and friction between them ignites a fire neither can ignore first at work and then in the bedroom As they zero in on the plot behind the murders the crosshairs zero in on Beck and Za. ,

High Concept35 starsThis is a mysterycrime book with an underlying romance I liked both MC s Beck is a Denver cop recovering from a shooting that left him with a shoulder injury and PTSD and also resulted in the eath of his partner and Zach an FBI profiler who is also ealing with the aftermath of an attack he suffered while working a case and thought they had good chemistry Each is working through their own trauma while under intense job pressure and trying to work out their feelings towards each other There are POVs from both main characters as well as the over the top bad guyI enjoyed the story overall but felt there was a little too much going on with a couple of plot points that felt unfinished and that the ending seemed HFN on its way to HEA with a lot still left to work out between the two Review written for Hearts on Fire Reviews Detective Beck has been working on a case that has been nothing but Hunter Moon (Grazi Kelly dead ends FBI profiler Agent Zach has been called in to assist on the case These two met previously on a case where Beck tried to make a move on Zach but at the time Zach was in a relationship and thwarted Beck s attemptsNow they are back together working side by side trying to solve the original murder and subseuent home break ins Beck isealing with PTSD issues obtained when his partner was killed at the original murder at which he also sustained a major shoulder injury He often suffers from flashbacks and anxiety and has bit of guilt about his surviving He is attempting to fulfill a promise to his partner by taking care of his wife and two kids Zach has his own similar issues which stem from an attack he suffered while interviewing an incarcerated murderer This side story about the Valentine Killer who randomly sends bloody valentine s cards to Zach really felt like it might have been told in its own book We get enough information to understand what s going on but it felt like it was just thrown in there to support Zach s own PTSD issueThis story centers around the mystery and crimes first with the guys attraction and subseuent relationship second They eventually give in to their attraction now that Zach is not attached having broken up with his boyfriend two years prior This was another aspect that made me feel like I missed a previous book Zach and Dean Zach broke up with Dean citing his inability to The Diary of Darcy J. Rhone (Darcy Rachel, deal with Dean srug addiction But they remain friends although Dean thinks they are mostly 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej due to Zach s lasting guilt over their breakupAnyhoo Zach and Beck are a great couple both while investigating and between the sheets Beck is trying to overcome his PTSD issueseal with his shoulder injury and basically come out which puts a bit of a strain on their relationship while Zach is ealing with a few issues of his own They eventually figure things out and what they each mean to the other as well as where they want their futures to be all while solving and taking on the criminals The thrillermystery aspect of this was slightly predictable but was enjoyable nonetheless It moves along at a nice pace and I had no issue with the writing style I ll Definitely Be Looking To Read From This Author Well This be looking to read from this author Well this is tough to rate There were parts I liked parts I hated and parts that just seemed esperate Let s #start with what I likedZach and Beck were nice enough guys #with what I likedZach and Beck were nice enough guys of them The Roman Object Revolution dealing with traumatic pasts both of them showing their heroic hearts of gold through theirealings with loved ones Zach s recovering addict ex and Beck s partner s widow The plot was nice and convoluted as you The Battle of Resaca d expect for a crime caperWhat I hated were some of the grammatical issues The author continually contracts the word had onto names Zach Beck Whiff, or How the Beautiful Big Fat Smelly Baby Found a Friend d In one paragraph around the 70 78% mark she contracts had three times in a row Those instances yanked me out of the story like a badog on a leash Oh right that s the other thing Similes abound in the book Description is good inane The Greatest You description is bad Also the guys just up and leave the precinct when the janitor they suspected of being not on the up and up is nowhere to be found Really REALLYTheesperation came with the villain It s no secret who he is which irritated me because I like to try to figure it out with the guys I understand the villain s scenes were probably inserted to break up the monotony of the story there is a lot of paper chasing However the villain s scenes reminded me very much of the of paper chasing However the villain s scenes reminded me very much of the I watched growing up My basic image of him is Skeletor I kept waiting for the rubbing of hands and the evil laugh Perhaps this was the goal I have no idea If so well played if not cut it the hell outAlso it feels like the author simply ran out of steam After the manufactured The Elite Way disagreement between Zach and well Zach because Beck barely got a word in edgewise it all went to hell Oh right that s where the climax starts but it s poorlyesigned view spoilerWhat was Zach s motivation for going out alone He s a fucking FBI agent with a Crumbs doctor in psychology yet he s stupid enough to go after the villain at a lake house all by himself What was he trying to make up for his boneheaded move in re Beck and the pills I call bullshi. Denver homicide cop and shooting survivor Beck Stryker lives to solve the case that left him with PTSD chronic pain and killed his co investigator four months previous Now his career hinges on his ability to work with the man who shutown his advances two years agoAfter last parting ways with Beck psychiatr. T As we skip to the last scene we pass a moment where the villain is so affronted at his arrest he s threatening legal action but then it s explained that he totally pointed the finger at the chick warden Uhm what hide spoiler Editor Wanted DesperatelyThis book needed to be either shorter or longer A lot of little blobby pieces of plot are stuck onto the story without adding anything they needed to be either fleshed out into part of the action or removed entirelyThink about your characters for a second Does it make sense that your gay MCs would sneer at a twink receptionist And on t hire your villains from a 1940s melodrama or a cartoon The editor should have reined in some of the author s purple prose too we were told a ozen times that October smells like wood smoke and I m sure most readers had absorbed that after the first eleven I really really liked the book For a long time I Spurgeons Expository Encyclopedia did love the book But there was a little niggle for me and I wasn t able to get past it so Iecided to give the book 45 stars rounded Sealed down Beck and Zach both have issues Both have had issues with a past relationship And the two of them areealing with their Sketching From Square One to Trafalgar Square demons Zach s are with his ex Dean Beck s are with hisead parter He has a lot of guilt about his partner s The Familiars death And he s trying to support his widow and kids On top of that he has issues with a sort of ex One who he has to see at workI loved the chemistry between the two MC s The men were hot I enjoyed the way they seemed almost shy to the idea of a real relationship It wasn t really a romance though At least romance wasn t the main aspect of the book For those who want a crime solving plot with romance thrown in this would be the book for them If you want a romance with a sprinkling of crime solving find another bookMy main issue with this book was the ending I got the three words I wanted to read But I felt like things resolved themselves too soon I wanted the ending torag out just the smallest amount I could see a seuel working really well for this We have things that could be Imepuu dragged into another book Apart from that this was the perfect book for me Just wish it had been a bit longer at the endHighly recommended for fans of cops Hmmm I normallyon t read other reviews before writing my own but when I came to the book page to Owens Walk do this my eye was caught by a review that ultimately liked the book with 3 stars but found a lot of problems with it from grammar issues to if memory serves a cardboard characterWow Just shows to go ya as the saying goes Howifferently we all react to the same things That s probably why if four people see some event there are usually 37 versions of what happenedFor what it s worth I have the weird kind of mind that normally notices grammar things and typos even when I m reading for enjoyment like a current in progress book where the two main characters are having Shadow Point (The Gothic War, dinner and the shifter is eating his stake but I certainly noticed no such issues with High ConceptIn fact I got hooked right from the start and kept on reading with minimal interruptions until I wasone I found it to be extraordinary and worth my five stars I believed in Zach and Beck and their personal and psychological ifficulties I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that not too far into the book you know who the villain is and you get to see things from his viewpoint and you go along for the ride watching Zach and Beck try to figure it outI liked the fact that the point of the book was to tell a story a murder mystery that was well thought out in my never humble opinion with a healthy heaping of romance thrown in One of the other reviewers commented on the ifference between books where the focus is the MM romance and ones where the romance is secondary to the story I like to thank Gigi for making that commentIt got me to thinking anger Eric Alan to thank Gigi for making that commentIt got me to thinking The Empty Tomb danger Eric Alan I never considered that Dont Step on the Crack! difference but now that it has been brought to my attentionyou know how to get the attention of a Missouri mule Whap him between the eyes with a 2 x 4 sshe makes an excellent pointAnd what she made me realize is that while I certainly enjoy the books where the focus of the story is the romance itself watching it happen seeing the obstacles in their path the ultimate victory of love I actually prefer this kind of book Which will noteter me from giving a just love book 5 stars should I review oneAnyway as you ve noticed I have a tendency to explain what I think and why I think it So y all will have to get used to that and hopefully enjoy going along for the ride or Oops There s another one of Eric s reviewsclick elsewhereThe point of all this A superb book well worth your time and money I look forward to reading from this authorEric Another winner thanks to Gigi s review for the heads up on this one 5 stars and from me I all of those CSI TV programmes love me love all of those CSI TV programmes love out mysteries and who Gay Travel Guide For Tops And Bottoms dunits so for a book to combine my faves mm and murder mystery well it was a win win for me The MC sDenver cop Beck I m in the closet soon t tell anyone Stryker and FBI Profiler Zach yes I may have a few issues Littman were hot together once they. Ist turned FBI profiler Zach Littman never anticipated seeing the The Irish Scissor Sisters detective again Being sent to Denver to work on a series of killings that have continued after the only suspectied is bad enough Discovering the How to Think Like an Entrepreneur detective in charge is Beck leaves Zach gritting his teeth and girding his loinsThe last thing