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Beautiful tragic and wildly creative Firmin is a rat who is born on a shredded copy of Finnigan s Wake in the basement of a bookshop and conseuently falls in love with literature Stuck in a sea of rats too simpleminded to understand his intellectual depths and humans he cannot communicate with he struggles to find happinessThis book made me laugh cry and think But mostly it spoke to my soul I would recommend it to anyone who has ever found solace within the pages of a book This book had all the ingredients to make me like it a lot and yet it was just a little above the OK read A rat that lives in a bookshop and learns to read is undoubtedly an interesting theme However I found some parts of the book dragging for too long than once making me feel sleepy On the other hand all the references to books were interesting the account of the slow degradation of the neighborhood is very well achieved the friendship of Firmin with the unsuccessful writer is funny and touching and even the end of the story though a bit sad couldn t probably be very different But for some reason which I still haven t uite realised what it is this book "hasn t really resonated with me This book really surprised me When I saw it "t really resonated with me This book really surprised me When I saw it Powell s Books I new right away I was the target audience See that white chunk on the right side of the cover It s a literal chunk taken out of the book As though a rat had nibbled it On the back it said it was a book about Firmin a rat who begins by consuming literature but soon finds it consumes him It s about a rat who loves books Perfect for me So I bought it guessing it would be a fun cute summer read with little substanceIt isn t cute and it certainly isn t lacking in substance Rather it is a beautiful exploration of a lonely genius I couldn t help but identify with Firmin the rat as he navigated the human world separated by his lack of voice and the fear most humans hold for rats The cast of characters is rounded out by a bookshop owner a compassionate but probably off his rocker sci fi author Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers who are residents of Fermin s fantasy life and hundreds of books In his ISOLATION THE BOOKS FIRMIN READS BECOME the books Firmin reads become Companions Adapting To Fit Into His World adapting to fit into his world my favorite line is the followingAnd I introduce people I put Baudelaire on the raft with Huck and Jim It did him a lot of goodI loved it only a few pages in but I also realize that I would probably find it pretentious if it wasn t about a rat As it is it s the perfect balance between profundity and humor Very dark humor by the way so i bought this years ago and didn t read it and then the new even cuter edition came out so i had to get it again but actually read it this time because i am a sucker for cool book design and i m glad because it s not a cute book despite its illustrations and lit. Firmin wächst im Keller einer Bostoner Buchhandlung auf und liest sich Buch für Buch durch die Weltlitera. Firmin Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife

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T against the backdrop of the last days of Scolloy Suare before it was demolished and rebuilt as a government area each chapter starts with a facsimile of the title page of a classic novel There are also sweet illustrations of the reading rat and his sadventures Short and not always sweet the book has moments of uiet comedy and tragedy like any life I mostly bought the book because of the cover design I had honestly expected for it to be sort of a sweet story and an easy read It wasn t I had stop at many sentences and just think about what I had just read Fermin has a voice that belongs to all semi crazy fucked up protagonists in my opinion He wines about all the same things being left out failing relationships because of a different image of the other person and so onThere is one freakishly cute feature of Fermin s brain that I believe mine has too the property of giving situations names or titles I do it without thinking about it I guess it happens to people who are used to think with words Firmin is a story of a rat who lives in a bookstore eats books words and understands the text of the stories he reads When the bookstore is torn down to make way for urban renewal he goes in search of a new homeFirmin is at it s core an outsider story about someone who never really fits into the world in which he finds himself I have a theory about helping people find books I think all of us are ultimately searching for our story recreated and retold in many different ways so my personal goal when I match people and books is to understand the story they identify with The longer I now someone the better I get at finding just the right book A small novel it is a bit different and will be something that a lot of people don t get A few however will really identify with with this story It is also a book that a reader who want to challenge himself will really appreciate because it is so different Again I must be a voice of dissent here I loved this novella It is written from the perspective of a rat who was born in a bookstore to an alcoholic mother in a litter Of Other Rat Like other rat like Firmin is of course different from "his brothers and sisters he possesses a yearning for nowledge and a loneliness that he "brothers and sisters he possesses a yearning for nowledge and a loneliness that he recognizes as the loneliness of the human condition particularly among those humans whose lives he vicariously observes This makes him a liminal figure at home neither in the world of rats nor in the world of humans Rather than veering into existential andor overtly philosophical territory however the plot remains clever and turns in part on the unreliability of Firmin s claims and narration This makes the book both philosophical and entertaining than the premise might otherwise suggest I highly recommend it as story that successfully marries Kafka s Josephine with Disney s Ratatouille. Savage erzählt in diesem gefeierten Kultbuch die traurig charmante Geschichte eines verkannten Außenseite. ,

Tle ratbite cutout it s sad than cute and it is definitely not for ids and i am a grown up she says eating all the candy from the basket daddy sent for eastercome to my blog There is some genius behind this story but unfortunately it is a genius I do not fully appreciate What started out as a desire to read a grown up version of Ratatouille turned into a much contemplative Kafka Metamorphosis esue narrative about literally being a low life a Rodent Surrounded By Humans Occupying surrounded by humans occupying same social status Don t get me wrong I did enjoy parts of it The author can comment a lot on the true nature of humans by disgu This amazing book written by first time novelist Sam Savage blew me away with its intelligent writing and perceptive looks into the human condition Yes it s from a rat s perspective Don t let that deter you from reading one of the best books of the past two yearsFirmin discovers that he lives in a bookshop basement in a run down part of a city He nibbles on the pages of the books but also learns to read voraciously He closely observes the world "Of The Bookshop And Ventures "the bookshop and ventures to nearby buildings Firmin is born like any other being naked and unknowing His exploration of his surroundings and his attachment to things of familiarity ring true of the way we grow His awareness of his own psyche is often humorous His inability to converse with humans an enormous obstacle to him is poignant His false belief that he has a connection with other beings is heartbreaking All along Firmin never stops tryingThis is a book I will re read whenever I feel I m getting too caught up in day to day chores It will remind me to eep reaching out no matter what the conseuences I adored this intelligent uirky book Yes it s told from the POV of a rat but this is no Secret of Nimh The rat in uestion Firmin is the runt of a litter of 13 and because this mother only has 12 nipples he has to play musical teats with little success Instead he has to sustain himself by nibbling classic books Birthed by an alcoholic mother in the basement of a bookshop in Boston s Scolloy Suare there are thankfully enough volumes to eep him full But in allowing the words to gestate in his belly Firmin the Vermin soon finds he prefers to read words than eat them He gets through shelves and shelves of books of all types faster than any goodreader The act of reading provides self help but also a troubling melancholy that does not befall his lowly rat brothers and sisters uite a metaphor there for those who read and those who don t They soon flee the bookshop basement for the alcohol drenched alleys of the on its last legs Suare all sualor and strip clubs blue cinemas and the beaten Firmin is lonely and projects on the bookshop owner Norman Shine But there is another human who might just offer Firmin the fraternity he needsSe. Tur Er entdeckt wie spannend das Leben der Menschen ist und macht sich auf ihre Freundschaft zu suchen Sam. ,
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