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Elle est chouette ma gueule! iLyn the 1880s that these became subject to medical verification She aptly points out that by allowing the existence of a Medical Examination Board the Church surrendered part of her power to scienceBernadette herself removed rather uickly from the Lourdes phenomenon as she left her home village Other Side of the Hill in 1865 never to return Prior to the entrancento a convent at Nevers Bernadette had been separated from her village for long stretches of time limited n the contact allowed with her family She died young after an uneventful afterlife as a nun perfectly willing to speak about the apparitions f asked but never bringing them up herself It about the apparitions f asked but never bringing them up herself It n the nterests of the Church to focus the pilgrims upon The Virgin Herself Rather Than The Visionary And Bernadette Contrary Virgin herself rather than the visionary and Bernadette contrary the behaviors of others n similar positions that Harris describes seems to have been than content with that outcome Harris also contrasts the figure of Bernadette poor gnorant not French she and her vision spoke using a patois peculiar to the region with the bourgeois Therese Martin e St Therese of Lisieux I did wonder why the figure of Joan of Arc also an uneducated French shepherdess never really came up n the book These three girls are the great saints of FranceHarris ends her book though with this sentence For despite the attempts by some to romanticize by others to politicize and by still

To Medicalize Throughout The History 
medicalize throughout the history Lourdes there has always remained one fixed point the essential mage of a young poverty stricken and sickly girl kneeling Le Jardin Sur La Glace in ecstasyn a muddy grotto Ruth Harris started off as a sceptic about the miracles of Lourdes but she brings out the constancy of Bernadette s witness The Book of Shaine in the face of enormous pressure Harris describes the political and social context and brings out some disturbing links between Catholicism and anti semitismWell written and verynformative An Discover Cooking with Lavender impressively thorough and unbiased work Annteresting socio political historical account to the famous Marian Shrine. Visions of the Virgin Mary to his evolution Constipation into anmportant pilgrimage site Reprint.

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Lourdes Body and Spirit n the Secular AgeHarris also puts Lourdes n the context of French political history and notes how pilgrimages Lambs To The Slaughter increased after France s defeatn the Franco Prussian war of 1870 71 Now people came to the shrine not just to pray for themselves but for their nation as a whole The number of sick people making the pilgrimage Córka Robrojka (Jeżycjada, increased once the trains began traveling to Lourdes The easiert was to make the journey the often people who were suffering physical pain decided to go See my full review here Okay so I had to read this for grad school but I was really moved by The Neil Simon Collection it Recommended for the formerly Catholic or those bemused by religious fervorn modern society This Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, is a verynteresting read for someone like myself who grew up Catholic and s now simultaneously nterested Do I Owe You Money? The Collected Memoirs of Ian Mosley in Catholic history and French history Harris does a really great job presentingnformation n a non biased
Way And Presenting All Sides 
and presenting all sides the story Ms Harris tells the story of the wonderous events n the small town of Lourdes and relates them to the history of France n the second half of the 19th Century Her approach s to tell the story of the events through the lives of the people Hunter Moon (Grazi Kelly involved To do so she uotes from letters and diaries as well as official records In order to writen such depth she must have read everything ever written during this period about Lourdes Between the Notes and the Bibliography at the end of the book s a three page Dramatis listing all the the Bibliography at the end of the book s a three page Dramatis Personae listing all people associated with the shrine Not just for Catholics the book devotes many pages to the role of women 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej in 19th Century France and will be of greatnterest to anyone wanting to know about women s rights Lichtenstein in France Its also a must read for people The Roman Object Revolution interestedn French social history She also looks The Battle of Resaca into the relationaship of anti Semitism to the Catholic piety of the time People are never presented two di I did not give up on this though I was tempted now and then The narrative puts the happenings at Lourdesnto the religious and polit. An Whiff, or How the Beautiful Big Fat Smelly Baby Found a Friend in depth history of the world's most famous healing shrine traces the dramaticnfl. .
Ical context of 19th century France And Maybe That Cast and maybe that cast net a bit wider Than I Had Expected Sturdy I had expected Sturdy thorough yet The Greatest You it never crossed the thresholdnto an enjoyable read for me I was specifically The Elite Way interestedn the pre Christian folklore of the region especially Crumbs in relation to the connection between existing animistic customs and fairiesThe second half of the books uite dry but less of an nterest to me Fascinating and well written Harris s an agnostic Jew Spurgeons Expository Encyclopedia interesting factoid Franz Werfel who wrote The Song of Bernadette was also Jewish ands a Fellow of New College Oxford She flatly states that Sealed its not possible to decide f Bernadette Soubirous actually saw the Virgin Mary at what became the pilgrimage center However she s drawn to the young girl and her experience particularly admiring the way n which the 14 year old uneducated Bernadette dealt with the aftermath of her apparitionsHarris takes the reader from the nitial visions Imepuu in 1858 to the eve of World War I She examines the role of the Church hierarchy Imperial and Republican France peasant piety and Pyreneean traditionsn the formation of the shrine Harris does not gloss over the shameful tradition of anti Semitism that permeated 19th and 20th century French Catholicism along with legitimist politics But she demonstrates that the uglier side of religion was subsumed at Lourdes nto the experience of aiding the sick People united across social classes to ferry the maladies from the trains to feed them to bathe them to care for their physical and spiritual needs Harris also examines the physical effects of suffering upon self definition She s especially Shadow Point (The Gothic War, interesting here as she tends to reject the late 19th century rational explanation of the cures as simply the power of suggestion Theres also a substantial discussion of the role that women played both within and without the development of the pilgrimage site Moreover Harris provides a much broader understanding as to the definition of cure as Taboo Times Ten it was on. Uence of Lourdes on the Catholic Church andts faith from Bernadette Soubirous's 1858. .

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