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The Lassa Ward One Man's Fight Against One of the World's Deadliest Diseases

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This could be three stars I SUPPOSE BUT THE WRITING DROVE ME but the writing rove me the wall and back Four Word Film Reviews down andthe rest of itidn t really help mattersThe back cover copy says Ross Donaldson was an idealistic young medical student when he Up His Comfortable Life In The States To Venture up his comfortable in the States to venture Sierra Leone a country ravaged by fightingNope He spent a summer between years of higher education Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes doing research and humanitarian work He gave up those creature comforts for two months Not the same as giving up his comfortable life in the States Now in a hospital ward with meager supplies Ross is in a race against time to find a way to care for patients afflicted with Lassa feverAgain nope The only significant race against time involved the fact that he was only there for two months He wasn t working to find a cure there was already arug on the market though not an ideal one he was a med student Crystal Decoder doing research and helping out Getting patients started on medication for Lassa was time sensitive but not nearly asramatic as it sounds here Forced to confront his own fears he stands alone to make life and You Owe Me One deathecisions in the face of a never ending onslaught of the sickWhoa there cowboy Briefly yes when the experienced Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes doctor leaves town for a week But even then there are others he can consult with and most of the time he s not alone and not making the toughecisions Much of the time the big problem is that supplies are so limited Ultimately he finds himself not only fighting for the lives of others but also for his ownWellsort of But not in the way the copy implies view spoilerIt Second Son (Jack Reacher, doesn t involve Lassa fever and he s home before he gets sick hide spoiler This is a touching memoir of a young medical student whoecides to volunteer in the Lassa Fever ward in Sierra Leone all against the back United States of Americana drop of a civil war in neighboring Liberia He is a babe in the woods managing to save some lives under the sparse conditions with very limited resources My strongest praise is for his writing Dr Ross is able to capture the character trait of the nurses and personnel in their localialect and mannerisms with a warm humor and affection Extraordinary I mean the whole period of time covered in this is like a month Ross is a medical student from California who The Thermals of August decides to go to Africa to learn about theeadly Lassa Fever in a ward in Sierre Leone and write a paper about his experiences Nothing there is as he expected Ross Donaldson is one of just a few who have ventured into Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller dark territory of a country ravaged by war to study one of the world’s mosteadly iseases As an untried medical student studying the intersection of global health and communicable isease Donaldson soon found himself in angerous Sierra Leone on the border of war str.

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With some careful editorial attention As a small specific example the author refers to obstetric fistula as something that happens when elivery is unsupervised People with knowledge of this topic know that fistula is an injury that occurs when labor is complicatedobstructed and skilled assistance know that fistula is an injury that occurs when labor is complicatedobstructed and skilled assistance not available In other words it s a problem of infrastructure and availability of care not something that happens simply because any given laboring woman was unsupervised being unsupervised oes not by cause fistula It s a small distinction in language that makes ifference as to whether the text is in language that makes a Thing He Loves difference as to whether the text is accurate I find itifficult to believe that an MD MPH author with personal experience working in Africa where fistula is much common Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital due to lack of available maternity care so I can t help wondering if someone on the publishing end either made the statement incorrect while trying to make it simple or if it s just an item a good editor with some medical knowledge should have clarified before proceeding More broadlyespite the nature of this book as a memoir and so rather self centered by Search Marketing Strategies design some editorial attention could have transformed this book from merely an account of one med student s adventure into a meaningful work on the conditions and structures which contribute to the need for such aid work The end of the book is basically Hey my adventure was over and I went home a changed man something not nearly so interesting as furtheriscussion of the limitations of sending partially trained students to put small bandages on No Capital Required deep wounds or the medical and structural situations in the country and system in which the author operated I ve read a number of books lately to which my response has been A good editor could have made this much better and unfortunately this one was among them I wouldn tiscourage anyone with an interest in medical narratives from reading this book but it could have been much better with the kind of attention from the publishereditor that seems to be slowly going away AmazingI hope this author continues to write about his ongoing medical journey His elouence is a gift that few have His insight and education of those with less inspired me to rise up Interesting memoir of a medical student who studies and works in a Lassa ward He comes across as a very idealistic and compassionate Programming in Swift doctor I hope that as time has passed he s kept those ualitie. Ospital Soon however he is not only fighting for others but himself when he becomes afflicted with a life threateningisease The Lassa Ward is than just an adventure story about the making of a physician; it is a portrait of the Sierra Leone people and the human struggle of those risking their WordPress Absolute Beginners Guide daily comforts and lives to aid th. His book is about his experience of the chasm between cultures and the completelyifferent mind set of the people there Of the polarity of medical care where there are no supplies for things he takes for granted Such as the fact there is not even a breathing bagmask and there is no way to even test for what they are treating How even though health care is supposed to be free health care workers refuse to treat those cannot pay How care workers The Complete Guide To Associate And Affiliate Programs On The Net Turning Clicks Into Cash do not understand theifferences between viruses and bacteria or that Girls Like Us different antibiotics treatifferent He viruses and bacteria or that Affiliate Marketing Then and Now different antibiotics treatifferent infections He unsure and frightened of making a mistake that costs someone their lifeThe book is less about Lassa Fever and about his own personal educati Do No HarmThank you Dr Ross for your efforts and giving heart and soul to the Lassa WardWe humans that have running water endless supply of nourishing food care technology and numerous medical staff available for call and assistance accept what we feel is our right but could be lost in a The Invisible Presence disaster in a momentYou brought me right into the ward on rounds with you The empty medicine cabinets and lack of medical euipment made me uestion how we humans have failed to help these people You made aifference I cried for the tiny Momo baby boy Thank God you crossed the gap of what the nurses Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Profits Right Now did and how you fixed itI m very sad that Dr Ross suffered his own crisis I thank you for your sacrifices I thank you for this amazing book Bless you I read this following the completion of Crisis in the Red Zone While itidn t have the powerful punch of the former book it is an incredible and eye opening account of being an aid worker in in a war torn country and the challenges of containing Sticky Wisdom deathlyisease Overall I really liked this book I thought it was an inspiring story that Online Marketing demonstrated the stark contrast between life here in the US versus elsewhere and showing just how good most Americans have it It is the story of a young med student whichepicts his journey from California to Sierra Leone to work on the Lassa Spoiled disease It was hard to read about kids and innocent people going through such struggle I think this book wasefinitely eye opening for me and I would recommend it I grabbed this book from the public library on impulse and overall it was an easy and interesting read However that comes with a caveat I m beginning to apply to and books it could have been much better. Uck Liberia where he struggled to control the spread of Lassa Fever The words “you know Lassa can kill you The Business of Family Business don’t you” haunted him eachay With the country in complete upheaval and working conditions suffering he is forced to make life and Healing Herbs Spices deathecisions alone as a never ending onslaught of contagious patients flood the ,