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Urban Fantasy is not normally a enre I spend a lot of time reading but I joined a fun Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards group reading it on GR and ended up enjoying it The book is filled with actionood characters and lots of wit all of which kept it a light and fun read If you enjoy urban fantasy or have a thought of Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, giving it a shot this seems like aood one to Places of Performance go with 4050 stars for me Trevor Irwin Trev to his friends works as an estate agent in the town of Brackenford It s an easy job Trev knows the house market inside and out and there isn t much competition to speak of Brackenford has always had a reputation for paranormal events something self proclaimed skeptic Trev has always scoffed at Right up until the moment when Trev sees his firsthost possess a man at a local cafe Who knew there was some truth to the old stories his The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over granddad used to tell Trev Location Location Damnation is the first book in The Brackenford Cycle by Nick Moseley It is an urban fantasy set in the sleepy town of Brakenford UK Full of cheeky dialogue and snarky humor Trev is way in over his head as he isiven a crash course on the paranormal situation in the region The world features plenty of urban fantasy staples familiar ones like vampires and მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე ghosts and others with a uniue twist My favorite hands down are thehouls They come across The Heart of Business goblinish and learned how to communicate with humans from tabloids Fair warning to those outside of the UK there is use of British slang that may be unfamiliar My US based self had to look up a couple of them to make sure I understood what was being referencedTrev is the ultimate reluctant hero I was both rooting for him and wanting to punch him the whole book He s arrogant yet his first instinct is to run and hide when his world turns upside down which I found uite believable His snarky sarcastic humor both made me chuckle and roll my eyes at the vulgarity of some of the jokes He does start on a character arc though showing promise for actually becoming aood Treasures of Darkness guy over the rest of the series The supporting cast is prettyreat There s a several thousand year old cat spirit with a scathing wit a prim and proper Victorian era Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) ghost Trev sranddad who acts as mentor and Menopause and the Mind guide for all the supernatural stuff that s happening and who happens to enjoy scotch and Trev s coworkers at the agency I had fun joining Trev for his worst day ever I m looking forward to seeing how his characterrows and where this zany plot heads next If a novel described as a hilarious fantasy story full of clever snarky dialogue sounds appealing to you then I recommend reading Location Location Damnation book one of a series by Nick Mosely Although the scary dangers encountered within the pages are deadly an intrepid band of heroes never allow the possibility of dying stop the jokes The characters which populate the fictional English village of Brackenford include Software (The Body Electric Book 4) ghouls vampires werewolves shades spirits and occasionally a demon called to this universe by a mysterious someone mad enough to think their magical prowess in occult spells is strong enough to control such dark beings I will noto further in this review about them and spoil the funBrackenford exists in a spot where unfortunately the skin between universes is thin Most villagers are clueless to the existence of the magical creatures all about them However some humans possess the power of Sight which runs in families It sometimes skips Internet Marketing Essentials generations and sometimes the Sight is not strong Brackenford is watched over by one with some Sight powers as well as his friends the familiars Agatha and Oscar Oscar is my favorite but Bernard isetting old Bernard s daughter a lawyer does not have the Sight However Bernard has an adult Internet Marketing Revealed grandson Could the untested lad be a chosen oneTrevor Irwin just turned thirty works for SmoothMove a real estate firm as an estate agent He isood at his job but he is not particularly ambitious He likes his job and most of his co workers Life is ood Then one morning he SEES A GHOST A MURDEROUS GHOST a host A murderous Curse of the Black Widow ghost murderoushost who seemingly possesses another customer at the Hot Cuisine where Trevor ets his usual breakfast another customer at the Hot Cuisine where Trevor ets his usual breakfast order before reporting to his office Trevor does not believe in A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah ghosts He could not have seen ahost The day is only beginningEventually he shakes off the ensuing mayhem and weird experiences They are hallucinations Weren t they No Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies gentle reader It was no hallucination Trevor has the Sight No one told him about it including Bernard his Granddad the seventy eight year old historian of Brackenford and the town s secret Custodian Custodians keep the non human species at peace with each other settling their disputes But it is time Agatha tells Trevor he needs to talk to hisranddadExcerpt from the bookA a agatha stammered TrevNo just Agatha replied the woman arching an eyebrow Trev oggled at her She appeared to be inner late thirties possibly early forties She was wearing a high necked collarless black blouse buttoned all the way up and a matching skirt that fell all the way to her shoes which were flat soled and practical Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and secured with a dark blue bow Trev was reminded of an old photograph his Granddad had shown him of a Victorian schoolmistress What on earth s wrong with youYou re not touching the floor said TrevI can t touch anything let alone the floor replied Agatha I m not altogether corporeal I m afraidTrev slowly reached out and tried to touch Agatha s arm She looked as solid and real as any normal person albeit a little air borne but his fingers passed through her It was like putting his hand into a concentrated patch of cold airI fear that I am also lacking a shadow said Agatha somewhat sadlyI m oing mad Trevor said shaking his head I m only thirty and I ve cracked upDon t be silly said Agatha in a no nonsense tone I realize this is all rather new to you and possibly distressing but I can assure you that you are perfectly saneOh that s all right then said Trev sitting up The bloody Internet Marketing for Smart People ghost says I m not barking That s a reliefCertainly not said Agatha She lookedenuinely offended I admit that I have been keeping an eye on you but I have hardly been taking pleasure from itBut whyI was asked to We didn t think your Sight would show itself yet it clearly it has uite unusualMy sight I ve been able to see my whole life said Trev Who s this we anyway Are you talking about those shadow things And the faces in the mistNo said Agatha very firmly I am not talking about them I was referring to Bernard Your Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) grandfather Granddad blurted Trev My Granddad can see you tooOf course he can said Agatha He is after all the Custodian I think it would be aood idea if we went to see him Your unfortunate experience in Bandstand Park has rather changed things I fancyWhat things What do you mean by he s the Custodian What the hell are you on about Why are you talking in riddles Why won t the lot of you just leave me alone Trev was up off the bed now his reddening face close to Agatha s pale oneWell really she replied A certain amount of confusion and shock was to be expected but I had hoped you would conduct yourself with a little decorum than this Decorum replied Trev I ve been threatened by a possessed man who then went off and battered two people to death I ve had you playing hide and bloody seek with me all day I ve seen shadows that seem alive heard creepy whispering seen eyes in the mist in Bandstand. Trev Irwin didn’t believe in Tales From Underwood ghosts which made it something of a shock when he saw oneWorking as an estate agent in the town of Brackenford isn’t the hardest job in the world – just ask Trev Irwin He knows the market inside out house prices are steady and the only competition in the office is Barry who has all the wit and charm of a mouth ulcerBut there are other forces at work in Brackenford besides the unuenchable desire ofrannies to buy bungalows as Trev discovers when he witnesses a shadowy entity possess a man in a local café A man who oes

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Location Location Damnation The Brackenford Cycle #1Rm and Trev turned out to not be that bad in the end Well still a bloke but really not that badBefore you start telling me what Trev tells his companions Right let s et on with it before I see sense and run away If you re in a mood for a Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning great read that makes you laugh out loudives you action and awesome paranormal stuff YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS OUTI for one am now looking forward to the rest of the seriesFind this review and on my book review and cover art blog The Magic Book Corner I found the summary for Location Location Damnation very intriguing and decided to join a buddy read for the book It s a fantasy story set in a modern setting and as such had a lot of hurdles to jump It did a really Digital Marketing In A Week good job of creating enough of a screen to allow you to suspend your disbeliefThe main character is Trevor Irwin who s immensely unlikeable on first introduction He s an arrogant misogynistic know it all and that s just off the first page By the end of chapter one you could add cowardly and aggravating to his list of character traits The weird thing though is as he evolves as a person due to the events of the book herows on you as a character I feel fairly confident that of I were to continue this series I would come to fully embrace TrevThe storyline is both entertaining and easy to read but a little too sarcastic for my tastes It also rubs me as vulgar at times but not in a way that adds an element to the story Almost like vulgarity for it s own sake The majority of the supporting characters felt shallow and that also subtracted something from the experienceThere were things I really loved though Moseley s interpretations of werewolves felt fresh and interesting There is also an ancient animal spirit sidekick that I Le commerce des fourrures en occident a la fin du moyen-age (2 vol) greatly enjoyed I was reminded of several popular fantasy stories while reading this book The writing felt a lot like Jim Butcher s Storm Front to me The story felt like aood episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with a significantly older castI d recommend this for anyone who enjoys modern fantasy and wants something fun to escape into for a little while Brackenford Scandal Real Estate Agent Takes Advice From Talking Cat Its fake news he never actually listens to me OscarWhen destiny Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing grabs you by the bollocks you reuaranteed to Authority Affiliate Marketing go from zero to hero The energy in his fingertips crackled Come and have ao if you think you re hard enough Trevor Irwin was perfectly comfortable with his microwave dinners pints at the pub a small circle of friends and his career as a real estate agent Life was a slushy wet oyster waiting to be sucked off a plate with a bag of chips and a big Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) glass of beer until he saw ahostNow if only he could stop seeing them he could Anatomy of the Orchestra get back to his life but sometimes life is justoing to drag you kicking and screaming to your destiny as a better version of yourself unless it kills you firstGhosts turn out to be the least of Trev s problems because someone wants him dead and not just dead but expunged from existenceSo dear reader what s in this book A uick checklist could helpAn unlikely Hero with destiny thrust upon himcheckA kindly Mentor who likes scotchcheckA stern brave GhostcheckA 1000s of years old Cat Spirit with a scathing witcheckGhouls that could be How to make Money with Porn goblins who love the letter of the law and speak in Tabloid checkMagic weapons that talkcheckOther dimensionscheckBody possessing ShadescheckBig Bad Demons with a penchant for collecting soulscheckA mystery to solvecheckWerewolves with a self helproupcheckVampires with agendascheckAnd a barrel full of chuckles and belly laughscheckNick Moseley has written a very clever very witty urban fantasy that treads the fine line between comedy and drama well doneSome readers have remarked the pacing could have been sharper in the first half of the book On my first read I found the same and rated this book at 4 stars On this re read July 2019 I didn t experience it the same way and just enjoyed Trev s desperate and wittysarcastic attempts to avoid his destinySo I m re rating this as 5 stars because it was better the second time aroundPS Loved how the houls understanding of English was based on tabloid headlines that s a crackerNOTE 1 Had a reat time buddy reading this book during July 2019 with the wonderful members of the Fantasy Buddy Reads The Wind on the Heath group 2 Rereading this in August 2020 with the fine folk from FBR at Recommended this book to my friends on GR At time of rec 17Feb2019 the series is 7 volumes with 159 independent ratings with an average of 446 stars Take a pinch of the humour from Hot Fuzz a pinch of Seanan McGuire s Incryptid series a slightly heftier dose of Charles Stross Laundry Files run the whole thing through a British bloke s point of view for flavour and you just might have yourself Location Location DamnationTrevor or Trev depending on if you ve been on the receiving end of his snark or not is a real estate agent in Brackenford But suddenly he s seeing pulsating shadows and he could swear that sparrow is looking at him funny So begins the first book in a promising urban fantasy series set in the Midlands of the UK It s uite a pleasant change to have a British sense of humour at the fore though Trev s not afraid toet pretty salty in parts There s a pleasantly uirky set of local supernatural wildlife around the Get Up and Do It! ghouls who speak in Tabloid being my personal favourite along with some surprisingly normal humans There was the odd moment where the dialogueot a wee bit clunky or the plot was moved along by a very convenient coincidence but for a debut novel it was a strong and entertaining read Working as an estate agent in the town of Brackenford isn t the hardest job in the world just ask Trev Irwin He knows the market inside out house prices are steady and the only competition in the office is Barry who has all the wit and charm of a mouth ulcerBut there are other forces at work in Brackenford besides the unuenchable desire of rannies a mouth ulcerBut there are other forces at work in Brackenford besides the unuenchable desire of rannies buy bungalows as Trev discovers when he witnesses a shadowy entity possess a man in a local caf A man who oes straight home and murders his wife and her lover With a cricket bat 35 stars This book series caught my eye when I saw it was part of a buddy read I was particularly interested in it because it promised to be humorous and I m always looking for a book that can make me laugh I could also have possibly been drawn to it because we just happen to have our house on the market right now and have been looking for a new one for uite a few months It was an interesting coincidence that this book features real estate agents or estate agents as they are called in England Fortunately this book had me laughing immediately I loved all the snarky sarcasm I was interested in the story right away as well Unfortunately the story itself lost some steam somewhere in the middle It was still fun but the story itself lost some steam somewhere in the middle It was still fun but as entertaining as I was hoping it would be but I have heard that the series ets better so I ll stick it out for the next bookThe things I liked best about the book was the snarky sarcastic humor the characters Oscar Because who doesn t love a talking cat and Agatha I hope they continue to be featured prominently in the seriesReview also posted at Writings of a Reader Really liked it I had some minor pacing problem at the beginning and it suffered from being read at the same time as new favorites of mine but it was still really The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, good and I m eager to read the rest. Ket tycoon Alastair Kolley he finds that he’s upgraded his status from “potential collateral damage” to “target” in the eyes of the baduys But who are the bad The Organic City guys Is it the tabloid readinghouls who live in the sewers The werewolf self help Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary group that meets in the church hall Or the local lord of the manor who looks pretty sprightly for a man who’s over 150 years old Trev hasn’t a clue and the only help he’sot comes from a septuagenarian a puritanical Victorian Affiliate Marketing Business ghost and the world’s most sarcastic catYep – he’s basically screwed. Park and all you re worried about is my mannersSuch as they are Agatha sniffedThere s a war on Trevor said Grandad his tone somber It s beenoing on since before any of us were born and it ll Giving the Body Its Due go on long after we re all deadAgatha s dead already Trev pointed out They both ignored himThe story is a slow reveal for half of the book with worrying actionfightsdeath struggles happening late in the book after many mysteriousoings on but readers will enjoy the wait The dialogue is incredibly but delightfully snarky with a snide comment or joke occurring in almost every sentence particularly in the dialogues between characters evil and Hilla Rebay good The continuous YA snark means the characters seem to speak in the same hilarious voice unfortunately but any observers of a reader reading this novel will noticeutbusting laughs or sudden snorts bursting out of most readers all of the time Each character IS well defined physically so the stereotypical characterizations are a plus in this circumstance The book is well written in any case Living Doll gentle reader I loved it absolutely loved the book I highly recommend Location Location Damnation You wanted spooky youot it said Trev a little unkindly Welcome to the Midlands of England to the sleepy little town of Brackenford where Trev Irwin realtor is drafted into supernatural service Mr Irwin having never even wrestled a crocodile was completely unprepared for the existence of the supernatural This book sets up an urban fantasy of vampires Designing for Magazines ghoulshosts werewolves and much all precariously balanced against each other and humanity It s uniue and well doneI loved the plethora of differing British accents represented I would buy this as an audiobook in a heartbeatI absolutely adored the talking cat and liked the talking swords There isn t enough of this in fantasyWhat I didn t like the MC was so rude and that s just not something Americans expect out of Brits Turns out there are two kinds of male Brits there are The Wild Side gentlemen and there are blokes Trev was raised by aentleman but chose to be a bloke I spent uite a bit of this book hoping for a Firthing What I hated the most disgusting book I ve ever read was The Devourers in which the word piss is used 32 times This book used it 29 times I don t believe it was ever used literally but it was used liberally Taking a term for urination and using it out of context was funny the first time and only the first time Every time after the word False Start got smellier I don t know if this is a case of Midland blokes proclivity for yellow language or if the author just fell in love with a word like snort in Fish Chips Aood start to series Trevor Irwin progresses in the book from wanker to Tombland git if he can do that in a week he should be niceuy by book three lol BR with the cool Urban Fantasy fans from FBR 45 stars and this one s a Keeper Working as an estate agent in the town of Brackenford isn t the hardest job in the world just ask Trev Irwin He knows the market inside out house prices are steady and the only competition in the office is Barry who has all the wit and charm of a mouth ulcerBut there are other forces at work in Brackenford besides the unuenchable desire of His Plaything grannies to buy bungalows as Trev discovers when he witnesses a shadowy entity possess a man in a local caf A man whooes straight home and murders his wife and her lover With a cricket batAnd here is where this story kicks off A lifelong sceptic of the paranormal Trev is trying his best to rationalise these events but cannot really bring himself to believe the weird shit After all he KNOWS telepathy doesn t exist because if it did he d probably Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully get slapped in the face several times a day And everybody knows Ghosts DO NOT EXIST Ghosts are things seen by substance abusers attention seeking old ladies and the insane And Trev knows he is not insane Especially when he s standing in the middle of Brackenford High Street looking at his feet and muttering to himself because he had just seen a bloodyhost In case you haven t noticed from the few snippets above our Trev is one of a
kind he is 
He is undisputed misanthropic bloke who dishes insults like candies at Trick or Treat and is not in the least comfortable on the receiving end of a similar treatment Even when he tries to the least comfortable on the receiving end of a similar treatment Even when he tries to friendly his own friends openly confess Trev let s face it With friends like you who needs homicidal axe wielding maniacs Trev has a uniue way of homicidal axe wielding maniacs Trev has a uniue way of out faults from a blackened frying pan that had last been cleaned when Atlantis was still on the maps to a house decor that looked like someone had dosed Pablo Picasso with LSD and let him loose with a wallpaper catalogue and a paint roller And he doesn t shy away from stating his own shortcomings either For instance his Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors golf swing that started to resemble a myopic lumberjack trying to fell a tree with a rubber chicken Aaaaand he is the only Master of the Way of the Hedgehog I have ever met Nah I m notoing to spoil it and tell you what that ancient fighting techniue involves You re Captain Tsubasa - Tome 29: La renaissance du duo en or ! gonna have to read this to find out But I ll bet you won t be able to keep a straight face when youet to that part DSo our friendly bloke here discovers that his own Dream Fossil grandfather is rather than the curmudgeonly whisky enthusiast he appears to be The old man is also Brackenford s Custodian a role which reuires him to keep the peace among the town s supernatural residents and he believes that Trev can help him Of course Trev disagrees because No weird shit please But when he ends up inadvertently foiling an assassination attempt on Brackenford s most famous resident the slick supermarket tycoon Alastair Kolley he finds that he s upgraded his status from potential collateral damage to target in the eyes of the baduysAnd when I say inadvertently I really mean like this What the hell are you doing screamed the sensible part of his brain There s a supernatural maniac with a knife in front of you and you re running after him Have you forgotten that you re a pathological coward RUN AWAY YOU IDIOT Now that the deed is done and Trev s status has risen he must come to terms with his legacy of latent psychic abilities and work alongside his After We Collided (After, grandfather and his trusted assistants to find out who the baduys really are In case you were wondering the trusted assistants are a puritanical Victorian Web Marketing For Dummies ghost and the world s most sarcastic talking catTogether they have to bravehouls who live in the sewers and speak in tabloid I swear they are the most original race I have ever read about D a werewolf self help The Undesirables group that meets in the church hall and a local lord of the manor who looks pretty sprightly for a man who s over 150 years old But they have help too from a pair of talking swords You read that right A pair And if one onlyets pissed at being called a talking sword I m a lot than just a sword you cheeky wee bastard you ll have to watch out for the other cause the lass is a bit on the feisty side Meet Tyrfing everyone Sword of Tyrfing Official Gauntlet Wiki Gamepedia and Caladbolg Caladbolg 3017 AW WikiPeppered with cheeky dialogue and sarky remarks this book will take you on a fun filled and at times downright hilarious adventure The pacing does drag a bit in the first half of the book and Trev s behavior and remarks did make me want to call him an eedjit and box his ears at one point or another so I m not rating it a five But the second half of the book picked up the pace like a cha. Traight home and murders his wife and her lover With a cricket batA lifelong sceptic of the paranormal Trev is still trying to rationalise these events when he discovers that his own randfather is rather than the curmudgeonly whisky enthusiast he appears to be The old man is also Brackenford’s Custodian a role which reuires him to keep the peace among the town’s supernatural residents and he believes that Trev can help himTrev disagrees; but when he inadvertently foils an assassination attempt on Brackenford’s most famous resident the slick supermar.