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Trying to give the impression of stage directions to have the connotation of watching a lively domestic scene but it Didn t work It s lame Stop itThe women are pathetic They only live to serve They are weird if they don t get married and have babies There were a handful of women who started out feisty purely as a plot device Polly the flapper she got married off and impregnated Lulu the politician she was portrayed negatively the whole time she had a political career

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supported feminism She of course married off and impregnated Once she had children she calmed down and became a proper woman also for some reason in these books troublesome women are conveyed through harsh haircuts When they accept books troublesome women are conveyed through harsh haircuts When they accept their hair is suddenly described as longer and softer and the language because so much pleasant Emily who only has one child no and small boobs the horror wants a career AFTER she is married crazy bitch It s OK though she gets killed by a bomb Not a moment too soonHowever one thing that is consistently good is the way food is described It makes me hungry a lot Similar to Mallory Towers books I nd up craving things that are just not in my regular life Like jam sponges and custard Or treacle tart Or winkles I don t Alhambra even know what winkles are This book was bought for me by Mum as a Christmas present When I opened it I can t say I was thrilled at the prospect of reading it However she used to read this series when she was younger so her buying it for me held some sentimentality For this reason I thought I d give it a goI have to say that I uitenjoyed it Now it s not going to be the best book I ver read but with it being a series I might actually buy and read the next oneIt s a sweetly innocent family saga set during the period of World War One It centres around the Adams family not the gothic one with the catchy theme tune and their xperience of living through London in the wartime The characters were likeable and I have a bit of a soft spot for the wild terror that is Emily They had to ndure some Serious Issues And Post issues and post injuries that made the family really ndearing I was definitely rooting for them to pull through the tragedies that they faced And pull through they did This is a sweet tale of youth innocence and family that actually made me feel uite nice afterwards I told my mum that I The Infinite Air enjoyed it and she couldn t have beenxcited I think I know what I ll be getting for many Christmases and Birthdays to come The only reason I didn t give it stars was because of the length Staples chooses to describe The Spill every little detail which can be a tad tiring at times I think that this book could have benefited from a littlediting It would have been 100 pages less and benefited from stars That being said I njoyed it and will definitely buy the next book in the seriesA surprising read that reminded me not to judge a book by its cove. All respectableThere was Mrs Adams a widow having lost her husband in the Boer War; Boots the bright one; Tommy the uiet one; Sammy a wheeler dealer in the making; and Lizzy Lizzy was a real pearl one of the prettiest girls in WalworthThen Lizzy falls in love it is 1914 War is coming and veryone is going to be affected Will the Adams family gutsy tough and cheeky pull throughDown Lambeth Way is the first in Mary Jane Staples's Adams Family series Their story continues in Our Emily. A good old fashioned cockney family making the most of the little they have in London 1912Another great read I first read the Adams family books years ago Having a sort out of books for the charity shop I came across them and decided to sort out of books for the charity shop I came across them and decided to them again before passing them on they are again before passing them on They are Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? easy readspecially if you ve read them before and do pass on info about life during the first war and the times of hardship after Enjoyable if you like family sagas first of the adams family saga Lovely books about cockney life throught the years An How To Win At Casino Gambling enjoyable read which is at times uite comic but also an informative social history of cockney life and times of an ordinaryveryday family Very Training the Help (Hedon Falls enjoyable story set in an English village during the war This is about a family and their neighbors the ups and downs laughter and sadness I will continue reading the stories now that I have started I read rather a lot in this series many years ago Injoyed the first first four or five but only continued reading the later books because I d become attached to a few of the characters and wanted to see what happened to them After a few books the continual attempts at Cockney chat and humour began to get on my nerves as did the upper class conversations It sounded a bit too over the top and almost stilted in a weird way I started becoming irritated by the same old banter When Not to Build especially when romance was involved of all but a couple of the main people In thend it all grated too much and I stopped reading them However this first one was njoyable as we re the next few and the fact that I did continue to read them for a while does say something positive I still have the first books I bought on my bookshelves but only keep them because I did become attached to the Down Lambeth Way is the first book in a 29 book series of the Adams saga The covers in the series look YA but they re really not By that I don t mean to say they re neccesarily inappropriate but it depends on the age of the reader some subject matter may be a little mature or intense for very young readers I ll xplain in the content section belowI think first books in a series are very much like pilot Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book episodes on TV Some time is by neccesity taken up in the introduction of characters setting the scenes the backgrounds the personalitiestc For the first 80 100 pages you might just assume its a cheeky cockney YA story with lots of playful characters but not much substance But its so much Just give it timeIn this series we start with a cockney family fatherless since the Boer war a mother who makes due with the help of Uncle the pawn broker and her nterprising children When the story begins the children are uite young the oldest being 14 or 15 but over the course of the book about five years lapse and veryone book about five years lapse and Oriori No Uta everyone forced to grow upThe first serious thing well aside from getting head lice that the familyxper. The beginning of a wonderful saga telling the story of a Cockney family in peace and war from multi million copy seller Mary Jane Staples Perfect for fans of Kitty Neale Maggie Ford and Katie Flynn PRAISE FOR THE ADAMS FAMILY SERIES Mary Jane Staples makes you care about her characters which Four Word Film Reviews explains why her books havenjoyed so much popularity Take a BreakForget Eastenders this it the London of old when people knew Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes each other's names and communities really pulled together Woman's. Iences is a murder in the neighborhood and their good friend and neighbor is being tried There is a court trial with several characters being crossxaminedAround the same time war is declared and we Crystal Decoder experience the reality of life on the front as well as its aftermathBetween that there is love courtship marriage political intrigue and plenty of tea and cockney humorI always love Mary Jane Staples books aka Robert Tyler Stevens he manages to combine just the right amount of serious subject matter with humor and action to keep mengrossed page after page and leaving me with a warm fuzzy feeling I don t understand why his books never really made it in the US but I m happy they can still be found through online sitesCONTENTSEX Fade to black mentioned frankly but not You Owe Me One explicitly view spoiler forxample one character is taught the mysteries by a female ambulance driver on the front There is also freuent mention of underclothing and particularly breasts being Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes either firm pouty perky overflowing soft as pillows nipples showing through as well as one touch and some cheeky innuendo hide spoiler I ve read this before andnjoyed it who couldn t love the Adams family Read it again as a bedtime book so I didn t keep myself awake trying to find out what happens I ve read nearly all of these books so I m reviewing them as oneThe books in uestion are a large collection of stories about Walworth cockneys spanning the arly 1900s to the 1950s mainly surrounding the Adams family Mary Jane Staples is actually a pseudonym for a man called Reginald Thomas Staples 1911 2005 He lived in Walworth during the times he writes about and a lot of the writing does seem a little rose tinted I mean this Walworth during and the wars It can t have been Walworth during and between the wars It can t have been first couple of book are actually uite good if you like a bit of a light read The characters start off interesting and complex the First World War breaks out and there are a fair few Moiders and other grisly happenings However as they progress the author clearly gave up He just churns out the same dialogue pattern again and again Basically something boring will happen and you get to see the ntire family all react in different places and in different ways Helene who is French will go Ooh la la Bobby Ma Cherie this is crazy but not as crazy as you I shit you Bobby Ma Cherie this is crazy but not as crazy as you I shit you Chinese Lady will go Oh I don t know Edwin about all these changes Would you like a nice pot of tea The list goes on Honestly he uses up about two thirds of the books towards the United States of Americana end just going through it It reminds me of crap sitcoms that just trot out catch phrases and old jokes that were popular in a now long agopisodeThe overuse of two word sentences to The Thermals of August end a scene Because these Adams folk are jolly lively folk Sammy winked Suzie smiled Paula giggled Boots smiled Eyes rolled Honestly it happens constantly I don t know if the author was. RealmMary Jane Staples completely capture the feel of the period and thessence of the peoplehas warmth humour and charm An ideal book for you holiday reading Finesse I get so ngrossed in the stories I feel like one of the family Reader review The story of the Adams family is just wonderful I can't put this book down You feel part of the family as you read all about them Reader reviewON THE EVE OF WAR CAN SHE AND HER FAMILY PULL THROUGHThe Adams family were poor cheerful and above. ,
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