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Ast feeding or needlessly suffering Nurse Lisa Paladino lovingly xplains that breast feeding is important and explains that breast feeding is important and and should not hurt She carefully and professionally Mundane Grimoire explains the common causes and outlines the solutions Great book to help new moms that are desperate to nurse Very informative and a great referenceven for people with xperience breastfeeding as there is a lot of information That Is Not Given From Your Doctor This Little Handbook is not given from your doctor This little handbook be a great shower gift This is an asy to understand comprehensive guide for any nursing problem which may occur I was proud to give a copy as a welcome home gift to a new nursing mother How I wish I had read this book before I gave birth to my firstborn In this uick and Keys to inner space easy to read book Lisa Paladino shares her insider sxpertise from over 28 years Winner Takes All experience I love the way Lisa guides readers to trust their innate wisdom and get to the root of the common underlying problems that can lead to nipple pain in breast feeding Even though I did no. E six reasons discussed are latch tethered oral tissues tongue tie lip tie buccal tiengorgement nipple blebs and nipple vasospasm Lisa Paladino CNM IBCLC has over twenty Registers of Illuminated Villages eight years ofxperience "assisting moms to breastfeed their babies She has observed that nipple pain is a predominant "moms to breastfeed their babies She has observed that nipple pain is a predominant that moms decide to stop feeding their infant. What a perfect little book for new mamas Easy to hold while breastfeeding and succinctly written perfect for sleep deprived new mothers Lisa Paladino CNM IBCLC xplains that breastfeeding should not hurt why it sometimes might and how to make it better This book is not about putting bandaids on nursing issues but getting to the root of the problem so that mom "AND BABY CAN ENJOY A PAIN FREE SATISFYING BREASTFEEDING "baby can njoy a pain free satisfying breastfeeding Highly recommend this book to all nursing moms I nursed my first two children until they self weaned and I STILL found this book to be a great resource as a refresher for when I had my third last month It is vey well written an asy read and contains the most helpful information for those who Are Breastfeeding I Plan To Give This breastfeeding I plan to give this a gift to

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new nursing moms I a dear friend who is nursing and was having nipple pain and this book was a godsend to her This uniuely focused book is a comprehensive guide to this often overlooked problem that causes mothers abandoning bre. If you or someone you love is breastfeeding or preparing to breastfeed this asy to read book will help you to understand that lactation is a natural bodily function that should be comfortable for mother and baby This book Firmin explores six common reasons that breastfeeding might hurt and givesasy solutions to prevent and reverse nipple pain Th. T suffer with nipple pain Lisa s tips and practical advice on guiding principles and how to have the baby latch to you as well as how to prevent Mobilizing Minds engorgement would have been invaluable to me and would have prevented so much stress and pain I plan to give the gift of Lisa s wisdom tovery soon to be mom I know After giving birth to my third child I was in need of answers to my breastfeeding issues I was xperiencing pain and discomfort that I didn t have with my other two children Searching on the internet often makes your head "Spin With Self Diagnosis And The Worst Case Scenario Lisa "with self diagnosis and the worst case
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Lisa book was xtremely descriptive and well laid out Her natural remedies and suggestions were just what I needed to uickly alleviate the pain and discomfort I am so happy I found this book and can continue breastfeeding pain free Every woman should read this book if planning to breastfeed It s But That I Cant Believe! extremely informative and a great refresher I highly recommend slipping this book invery woman s baby shower gift. S at the breast Women have been falsely led to believe that pain is normal and that they should stick it out without seeking help In this book Lisa hopes to reveal that it is not ok for a women to have intense pain and nipple trauma Let’s shed some light on this issue and bring the out the truth It doesn’t have to hurt to nurse your baby.

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 It Shouldn’t Hurt to Nurse Your Baby: Breastfeeding solutions for the six most common causes of painful nipples