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Le specifically of conversions from other faiths It seems as though converting Christians and Jews to Islam will be the primary evangelistic thrust of the Mahdi pg 61Indeed Given that the Mahdi s job is to conuer the entire world there will not be believers of Any Other Faiths Except Christians And Jews Christians And Jews other faiths except Christians and Jews Christians and Jews people of the Book get special treatment One may convert or one may emain a Christian or Jew and pay the Jizyah Neglected people of the Book include the Sabbateans who lived in people of the Book include the Sabbateans who lived in and were eventually massacred en toto in the twelfth century Other faiths only have the option of conversion or death Thus by the time the Mahdi has done his work there will be no Hindus or Buddhists or what have you left Ask the Zoroastrians how that works outThis book is eally good for a ground eye view of a living millennial belief worked out in light of objections and the shifting situations in the world If you want to learn about the terms used in premillennial circles this book is uite good This work also has generally good basic info about Islamic millennialism including the fact that al Mahdi is not exclusively a Shia figure However it would be wise to cross check the meanings of Arabic words and the preeminence of interpretations with scholarly worksI admire the author for including a chapter of likely Open for Business (Rough play with anonymous men in a porn shop viewing room) (Rough play with anonymous men in a porn shop viewing room) (The Sex Shop Book 1) rebuttals to his work Chief among these is the popular model has been identifying Antichrists without notable success for two millennia He is bound and determined to move forward however because he believes that he seeseal parallels This is actually what is most interesting about the book Richardson is on the very edges of the premillennial model and has included material in his book that actually points away from his thesis considered literally Simply stated millennial expectations are a completely normal aspect of all human cultures so we cannot be all that surprised by similarities between different accounts But there is to it than that As St Augustine put it in Book XX of the City of God each age is eually close to the Millennium because each age instantiates the elements of the Last Days Thus the parallels that Richardson sees are eal but that does not necessarily mean that the events he foresees will therefore be the uniue final end that St Augustine also believed in Biblical prophecy exhibits properties analogous to uantum indeterminacy The one knows about what is going to happen specifically the less one knows about when exactly this will take place Mark 13 Whereas the less one tries to apply prophecy to particular events the certain you can become that will occur eventuallyA worthy book and an act of personal bravery on the part of the author Worth a ead if you are interested in millennialism of either Christian or Muslim varieties Most flaws are probably due to to a lack of editing in volumes of this type Fantastic book Many think the final beast will be the Les Lgendaires - Les Chroniques de Darkhell 01. Tnbris resurrected Roman Empire Joel Richardson makes the case it will be theesurrected Ottoman Empire I think he is correct Very good book. Nyone interested in Islam Bible prophecy or the underlying spiritual factors behind many of today's current event.

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S depicted in the Bible further solidify his thesis Richardson then compares the Biblical Jesus with the Dajjal Islam s Antichrist Richardson then analyzes other aspects of Islam to see how it fits into Biblical eschatologyI want to point out that this book is not anti Islam Richardson seems to have a genuine love for Muslim people and does not seem to harbor any ill will towards Islam as a eligion His book is well The scent researched and well written Many people who study or write about eschatology are portrayed as nut jobs or zealots Richardson is neither His book is a scholarly study of the two faiths I must say that while I enjoyed Joel Rosenberg s Epicenter tremendously I find that certain aspects of Richardson s work makes sense intellectuallyI highlyecommend this book for anyone that is interested in eschatology or Islam It is a fantastic book I was lent this book by the same person who lent me Islam and the Jews and Inside Islam Since I have an interest in millennialism generally I dived straight in Richardson s work is a prime example of what John Reilly called the Standard Model of Christian millennialism This is the common sense Popular Literal Model Based On literal model based on identification of particular events with the prophecies contained with the Apocalypse of St John This model has taken different forms at different times but in twenty first century America it takes the form of premillennial dispensationalism This is the frame of دوره حقوق مدنی-عقود معین 1 reference of the author who then sets out a detailed comparison between al Mahdi and Isa bin Maryam and the Antichrist and the False Prophet depicted in the book of RevelationsThe author wrote this book under a pseudonym out of aightful fear of 정숙한 남자 [A Man of Virtue] retribution At least in the United States such things are not yet commonplace but in Europe violence or threats of violence against those critical of Islam is commonplace For example the makers of the game Little Big Planetecalled the game after it came to light that one of the songs in the game featured verses from the Koran Given the location of the developer in London actual violence was a possibility However the author is at pains to emphasize that he means no ill will but simply wishes to tell the truth as best he understands itRichardson s account is based largely on the hadith and the commentaries thereon that have been translated into English This is not a complaint since this is an admirable amateur effort Acuiring sufficient linguistic expertise to The Gordian Knot Vol. 4 read Islamic commentaries on the hadith in Arabic is the province of the ivory tower and such a work would likely have been stillborn within the academic world That being said there are strange gaps in Richardson s knowledge that are the likelyesult of autodidactism When self taught one does not know what one does not know For example Richardson seems wholly innocent of Islamic tradition with Aeon Legion regards to the people of the book as opposed to other faithsInterestingly enough Islamic tradition speaks much of the Mahdi s special calling to convert Christians and Jews to Islam yet speaks very litt. Similarities between the biblical Antichrist and Islam's Messiah figure known as Imam al Mahdi A mustead for .
Antichrist Islam's Awaited MessiahJust started eading it I m "only up to chapter Eight So far I appreciate the author s approach very informative yet "up to chapter Eight So far I appreciate the author s approach very informative yet a heart to evangelize to Muslims He brings up concepts and facts I had not previously considered or been aware of Challengin I told my pastor about this book last fall and I believe I started a trend Five members of the church including the pastor and myself uickly bought copies of it It also helped that Walid Shoebat an ex terrorist who s now a Christian endorsed the book when I met him last SeptemberSo you think the future world dictator predicted by Biblical prophecy the so called Antichrist will come out of a ten nation confederacy in Europe most likely the European Union I did once How terribly wrong we both have been There is another enemy of Christianity that has been active since the seventh century AD and this opponent controls two thirds of the lands that once belonged to the Roman Empire Islam Why can t the Antichrist come from the Roman Empire s African or Asian provinces as opposed to just the European onesThis book will show how much the Mahdi the Shiite version of the Messiah esembles the Beast of the Books of Daniel and Revelation And that s not all the Moslem version of Jesus looks a lot like the False Prophet and the Dajjal the Islamic version of the Antichrist looks a lot like our own Lord and Savior For details get the book andor check out the Down Lambeth Way review on my blog Intriguingead about Islamic eschatology juxtaposed to Christian end times prophecy The messiah of Islam and the Jesus of Muslims fit the description of the anti christ
"and the false "
the false It would make sense that Islam would have much to do with the last days the most compelling correlation is that of the act of beheading prophesied in Revelation which fits in accordance with Islamic practice Fascinating A VERY good Lebanese War read if youe The Sacred Band religious About the end times and how theye depicted in the Bible how Islam is becoming the worlds largest elgion and how we ll beat it Several years ago I took a class about Islam I ecall at the time being startled when learning about Islamic Eschatology end times teaching I couldn t help but wonder how Muslim beliefs about the end times fit into the Christian end of the world scenarios I was familiar with As I learned about the coming of the Mahdi the Islamic savior I emember thinking there were striking similarities between the Christian Antichrist and the way the Mahdi is depicted in Islamic tradition I briefly and the way the Mahdi is depicted in Islamic tradition I briefly writing a work of fiction on the topic My plan was to write a book about the Antichrist appearing on Earth in the form of the Mahdi As it turns out I was not the only person to have such thoughtsJoel Richardson did not write a peace of fiction but he did write an incredibly well esearched book that compares the eschatology of Islam and Christianity Richardson uotes the Bible the uaran and other Islamic sources to compare the Mahdi with the Antichrist He then takes his study one step further and compares the Muslim version of Jesus with the False Prophet that A highly acclaimed and fascinating examination of Islamic and biblical end time prophecies Discover the startling. .