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A very good book I would recommend this series and I hope to see soon The 3rd book in the Maisie McCrane series by Janey Mack I was a little astounded at the things Maisie did in this installment and that she came out alive from all of them I missed some of the family banter and interactions I also missed that there is no Hank in this installment But the author set up a potential love triangle with Maisie her new partner and Hank At times I thought the book was a little farfetched and I was sort of tired of Maisie sort of being a victim in that she appears to be being used by everyone while she thinks she is getting ahead in the police force There is a 4th installment coming so it will be interesting to see where Maisie goes This book knocked my socks off The arch of the plot really made my toes curl This book welcomed me in like a warm pair of socks Without a doubt Janey Mack has hit another home run with Shoot em Up the third installment in the Maisie McGrane mystery seriesHank s gone with neither hide nor hair of him to be seen or heard from Stannis is gone too effectively hidden with Hank But despite both the love of her life and her unconventional friend being AWOL life doesn t slow down or stop for Maisie She can t stay out of trouble for longWith her solidified position as an undercover officer for the Bureau of Organized Crime Maisie undertakes a new ob assignment all while uggling her missing boyfriend the sexy SWAT officer that continues to pursue her and who also happens to be her new partner the crooked Chicago Mayor Mexican drug cartels hiding the details about being an undercover officer from her family fending off her brothers picking up the pieces of the Russian mob that Stannis left behind when he went into hiding and trying to maintain some semblance of normalcyMaisie s new adventure is fast paced and gripping locked and loaded with endless amounts of sarcasm wit the hunky Lee Sharp danger and excitementAt times I get half irritated half intrigued with the constant use of brand names Everything is ALWAYS a specific brand and it s ALWAYS pointed out but it s part of Maisie s charm Her addiction to sugar free energy drinks and COKE of all things is endearingI plowed through this novel and now I sit here empty and sad because I have to wait for the next installment If you want a book that will keep you at the edge of your seat and intrigued throughout Shoot em up is for you Although do please read the first two installments in Maisie s adventures first Time s Up and Choked Up or you ll be lostIf Ms Mack hands out ARCs ship one my way SHAMELESS SELF INDULGENT PLUG Each book in the series gets better can t wait for the next Maisie McGrane installment A wild ride a satisfying conclusion in one part and an ending that made me sad Shoot Em Up is in one part

and an ending 
an ending made me sad Shoot Em Up is third in the Maisie McGrane series by Janey Mack If possible it is even of a roller coaster ride than the previous two Meter maid turned undercover cop Maisie has managed to survive sting operations family fall out secret boyfriends and plenty of family involvement relatively unscathed except for a stab wound or two There is however plenty of emotional uncertaintyIn this new book Maisie is pulled further into the underground of Chicago With an assassination attempt on the mayor of Chicago the ATF and DEA are hoping to use Maisie s underground connections to infiltrate a cartel running guns and drugs Additionally one of her brothers is wounded because of these guns so Maisie feels she has an even stronger stake to helping the government To further complicate matters her boyfriend Hank is MIA and Lee Sha. The mob’s running guns and her family’s running wild  Meter maid turned undercover cop Maisie McGrane managed to survive her first sting operation with ust a few minor stab wounds and some lingering emotional scars An assassination attempt on the mayor brings the ATF and DEA to Chicago and they’re counting on Maisie’s underworld connections to help them infiltrate and cripple a cartel runni. ,

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Shoot em Up Maisie McGrane Mystery #3Department the mayor has agents from the ATF and the DEA brought to Chicago Maisie the only deep cover officer with ties to the gang believed to have a role in the assassination is expected to help out In addition to that there s Violetta Veteratti who now runs the streets and criminal underworld in Chicago after her brother Eddie was forced to enter rehab Believing Maisie s cover Veteratti offers her a shady business deal after her brother Eddie was forced to enter rehab Believing Maisie s cover Veteratti offers her a shady business deal would only put heat on Maisie in the future should things ever go south She also learns that Hank her AWOL boyfriend has put a security team on her 247 That makes her A Fairly Honourable Defeat job and cover difficult but not nearly as bad as her boundary pushing family who doesn t allow her even a shred of secrecy Their overprotecting ways were merely a life long annoyance until recently but now unbeknownst to them it was actually threatening her safety Things get even dicier when Maisie learns that one of her lawyer brothers has taken on a gang banging client that she has ties with a guy who literally helped Maisie hide a dead body not even two months prior And then with her plate already stuffed to maximum capacity Maisie s situation becomes even complex after her brother Cash is shot during a SWAT raid As Maisie tries to clear the painkiller induced haze from her mind she feels lost without Hank s guidance and calm demeanor Between the ATF and DEA investigation Violetta Veteratti s offer to become partners in crime her brother s client who should he talk threatens her entire career and vowing to seekustice for whoever shot Cash Maisie can barely tell up from down But she s a McGrane and McGranes don t ever give up Even with the entire world crashing down around her Maisie is determined to navigate her way through the numerous obstacles and come out on the other side No matter how stacked the odds are against her she attacks each situation with the same sardonic smile foul mouth and uick witted personality that makes her one of the genre s most charming and lovable leading ladies Filled to the brim with conspiracies action and Aaron Sorkin like dialogue Shoot Em Up is a fun first rate thriller "that will satisfy a wide range of readers " will satisfy a wide range of readers Mack is a rising star and those other female authors whose books have Girl in the titles ain t got nothing on her WHY I LOVED ITNobody in this genre makes me laugh harder or often than Janey Mack Maisie is a breath of fresh politically incorrect air and I love the sarcastic edgy one liners that she s become known for In Time s Up Maisie shut down an over eager guy at the bar with Move along pal I haven t upgraded to misery yet This time out she hits back with Think again pal Casual sex isn t in my ob description or my repressed Catholic schoolgirl DNA when someone suggests she sleep her way into a convincing cover story Whether it s lines like those or comparing her hobbled self to the girl version of Jimmy from South Park Maisie s inner dialogue is hilariously entertaining WHY YOU SHOULD READ ITJaney Mack s writing style makes her work attractive to a very diverse group of readers If you enjoyed Gone Girl or Girl on the Train meeting Maisie McGrane is an absolute must Likewise if you re into mysteries and police dramas there s than enough of that in this book to go around Mack s sharp dialogue which is truly in a class of its own is the icing on the cake though If screenwriter Aaron Sorkin The West Wing Moneyball The Social Network The Newsroom wrote a novel this is exactly how I imagine the characters would speak to each other BOOK DETAILSAuthor Janey MackPages 341 PaperbackPublisher KensingtonRelease Date September 27 2016. Re her cover is shot  Praise for Time’s Up“Mack’s outstanding debut conjures eual parts Janet Evanovich and Michael Harvey A fast and furious plot that expertly balances menace and laugh out loud hijinks” Publishers Weekly Starred Review“Mystery buffs will not only be swept up in the ingenious and well crafted plot but will love the irrepressible Maisie” Library Journal Starred Revie. ,

Rpe charismatic DEA operative is involved in the operation with hopes of a lasting involvement with MaisieI really like Maisie and hope that Janey Mack continues with the hopes of a lasting involvement with MaisieI really like Maisie and hope that Janey Mack continues with the I did feel this one was a bit difficult to keep the facts straight I found myself wondering which cartel and which character is dirty again Regardless a really fun read Debbie The best entry yet in the Maisie McGrane mysteriesMaisie is still under cover And her cop family still thinks she is a meter maidBut this time she gets loaned out to the Feds to track down the source of some guns that are coming into the Chicago area Partnered with Lee Sharpe who assumes a much larger role in the series this time around she returns to play off of contacts she made in the earlier booksUnlike most series this one picks up in the moments after book two ended So reading the earlier is probably advised I really enjoyed the first two Maisie books but this third one was by far my favorite Not that crying is a reuirement of mine for a book to be one of my favorites but this one made me cry at the end As with the first two books this one is a real page turner This book was a great escape from every day life and to get completely wrapped up in the story was fantastic See this review and at wwwTheRealBookSpycom Janey Mack s latest novel picks up right where her last one left off Shoot Em Up opens with Maisie McGrane in an ambulance on her way to the hospital Surrounded by her entire Irish Catholic close knit family Maisie wakes up from surgery to find everyone waiting for answers about why she was mixing it up with criminals and how she managed to get herself stabbed in the thigh Maisie comes from a well known Chicago family where you re expected to become either a cop or a lawyer Maisie had previously attempted to follow her Da and brothers footsteps by oining the Chicago Police Department Time s Up But she was disualified from the academy over a bogus technicality which she later learned was actually all her father s doing in an effort to keep her from harm s wayTo SAY THAT THE MCGRANE FAMILY IS that the McGrane family is would be a massive understatement The entire clan still lives at their parents home a huge house in one of the nicest parts of Chicago Maisie is the only girl surrounded by a handful of big brothers half of them cops who watch over her with a loving tenacious sense of responsibility Yet as the McGranes nicely interrogate Maisie about how she got herself into this mess unable to comprehend how she could have put herself in harm s way little do they know that she s not actually a freelance reporter for the Chicago Sentinel like everyone thinks She s actually an undercover police officer and no one other than the Chief and a few seasoned officers are privy to that informationRather than spill all the events leading up to her stabbing which is the basis for Mack s second novel Choked Up she allows the pain killers to put her back to sleep Doctors order two weeks of light duty and then it s whatever she can handle Her family insists that she come home to recover Maisie had been living with her boyfriend who as seen in the last book lives a bit of second life himself With Hank out of the country she reluctantly agrees to return home where she spends a few weeks resting and healing up Then Slavery Reborn just as soon as possible she gets back to workAn assassination attempt on the Mayor of Chicago has the police force busy Something about the way it went down doesn t feel right including how the mayor a womanizing schmuck leaped to protect his wife as shots rang out around himUsing what little pull he has with the Justice. Ng guns and drugs into the city But she won’t be going it alone The DEA’s hand selected charismatic hard case Lee Sharpe as her partner and protector And he’s taking his assignment seriously in every way But with her meddling Chicago PD family threatening to expose her true identity at any moment Maisie will have to scramble to stay one step ahead of them the cartel and her new partner befo.

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