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This book made me laugh I loved the Contrast Between The Simple Drawings between the simple drawings situations from modern day parenting and the lofty Shakespearean uotes It makes a great present to parents to be or anyone with children in their surroundings Shakespeare scholars and lovers and pretty much anyone that appreciates dry mildly absurd kind of humour No The Harvest Murder reason toead this bookEssentially Just A List Of a list of parental anecdotes we ve all heard a thousand times loosely attributed to a play Only useful as a gag gift This book took some of William Shakespeare s uotes from his various plays and attached them to various parenting situations with silly Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) results The advice here obviously isn t meant to be used but it was funny toead lines from The Merchant of Venice or Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet used in a parenting context My kids have acted in those plays so I am familiar with those lines than some of Shakespeare s other playsSillinessI doubt the bard would have approved but you never know I The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads FTC. Trust father of three William Shakespeare for all the advice you need for any parenting dilemma in this witty and erudite guide a handy collection of wisdom drawn from his most beloved works from Hamlet to King Lear to Much Ado About NothingWith a series of cunningly extracted lines from his best loved plays and sonnets hilariously illustrated in a simple almost child like style James Andrews proves once again that Shakespeare expert on love death vanity ambition war deceitegret is the font ,

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R s desk so I won t get called out on my illegal eading This is what I did yesterday with Shakespeare s Guide to Parenting it looked interesting but I didn t Imagining Gay Paradise really think it was worth the exorbitant price so I spent ten or fifteen minutes flicking through the pages And it was interesting there are some pretty funny moments in here but I wasight it wasn t König der Welten 1 really worth that much money So I m glad Iead it and I would Love, and Other Things to Live For recommend it it s a super uick funnyead and because it s s short I don t have to stress about finishing my Treasure Trail / The Crimson Phoenix / Model Murder (The Shadow, reading challenge but it isn t amazing I d sayeading it illegally was a good choiceducks and hides from the book police A fun and silly Vanity Bagh romp through parenthood if you are a fan of the Bard It made me smile I was amused by the fact that so many of the uotes came from King Lear A very bleak look on parenting but a funny set of comics Ieceived this book as part of the Goodreads first eads giveaways I enjoyed it it was pleasant and creative though a little heavy on the disciplining of vile ungrateful whoreson little vipers Haha. E feels your painGood wombs have borne bad sons The TempestAnd for your fussy ungrateful eater Shakespeare has an answerI’ll make you feed on berries and on oots and feed on curds and whey and suck the goat Titus on berries and on oots and feed on curds and whey and suck the goat Titus by periods of parenting hell from the newborn nightmares to the teenage trials Shakespeare’s Guide to Parenting is the perfect gift book for every literary parent or parent to be If you want the last word with your children Nothing Beats A Uote beats a uote Shakespeare. .
Guidelines check Shakespeare s Guide to Parent Not much to it but I love out of context Shakespeare uotes The best part is that so many uotes are from King Lear and that play is a prime example of Bad Parenting Got a few good giggles I d like to thank the author for a copy of the BOOK AND THE CHANCE TO REVIEW IT THROUGH THE and the chance to eview it through the
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Reads programShakespeare Guide to Parenting James AndrewsIf you love Shakespeare like I do you will find humor in this book Not oll on the floor laughing but a good chuckle The artwork looks like something a 4th grader would do No offense to 9 year old artists Aside from that the purpose of the book is to match Shakespearian uotes to today s child Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems rearing dilemmas And they do match very well Here lies the humor for those who have children and love Shakespeare I enjoyed it Okay confession time sometimes if I see aeally short book in my local bookshop and I m not sure if I should spend money on it because I sure if I should spend money on it because I t know if I ll enjoy it I just Keys to inner space read it there and then strategically standing out of view of the cashie. F all wisdom includingaising childrenYour thirsty toddler wakes you up at 3 am Shakespeare describes your thoughts perfectlyWhat cursed foot wanders this way tonight Romeo and JulietYour child throws a temper tantrum clinging to your legs Shakespeare has the perfect esponseVile thing let loose or I will shake thee from me like a serpent A Midsummer Night’s DreamYour son throws a booze party crashes the car or commits some other vaguely humiliating infraction or minor illegal act Shakespear. Shakespeares Guide to Parenting