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Aeon Legion Labyrinth is an enjoyable read I found it to have very compelling world building with great depth and history It is a fantastic mixture of Harry Potter and Divergent from how it feltmoved not from the setting The characters were interesting and the premise of the book drew me in The style prose can be clunky at times but I got used to it by the end Be forewarned that there are some spelling and punctuation issues but if that kind of thing doesn t bother ou too much it isn t a big deal A few of the characters come off feeling one dimensional Terra s the main character parents are the worst in that regard Their reactions and personality are flat and they feel like throw aways to me With that being said I found the rest of the book to be great The cast develops well and are believable The plot takes a bit to get moving but once it does it hits hard I found the book to be an innovative take on difficult tropes time travel and coming of age This book was forced all of it Over the top clumsy obvious Examples The whole heroism as a concept theme Don t get me wrong it is a great debate but the book itself was in the end too black and white to be the appropriate ground to pose it The book wants to be so philosophical but in the end there are clear good and bad guys at least that is what it is intended Terra wants to be a hero and the Academy trains heros and it bothers me to no end I know it is part of the discussion but it seems that heroism is a job ou can train for by following some steps rather than a collection of traits and decisions as envisioned from a particular perspective whichever those might be The thematically appropriate names and the allegedly timeless Saturn City which is actually heavily based on ancient Greece and Rome Like come on Terra Mason is a girl that likes stones and is strong and resilient as one Lycus Cerberus has a grin like a wolf I wonder if their parents could see their future and named them accordingly Nikias Orion Prometheus all characters from Greek mythohistory Endymion s symbol is a moon ARRRGH breathe Not to mention all the positions in the army consul cohort leggionaire centurion are ripped right from Rome The fights were like a fcking videogame In fact all the book was Am I the only one who noticed Everything happens in stages the enemies and weapons have a number of abilities and very specific limits and there is always a precise way to escape the situation The fact that most of the book focused on the training with little time left to forge relationships and delve in the subplots did not help I didn t believe Terra s feelings positive or negative for other people and the subplots seemed to come out of nowhere with very little previous work Terra leaving and returning home It was very weird First she tells them I m joining the *time police and apparently they take it as normal and when she returns they act as if she *police and apparently they take it as normal and when she returns they act as if she gone away for a couple of days to a regular training course The way Delphia is treated is similar She appears early to provide an introduction to the city and then briefly returns in the end to say hi One would think Terra would make the effort of keeping in touch with her since she was so nice to her Oh and her backstory also came out of nowhere and wanted to explain something that really didn t need all that much of an explanationOverall despite all of the above I liked the worldbuilding a lot It shows that it is very well thougt out and I found it uite original I loved the character of Lycus What can I say I have a sweet spot For Those Roland And Delphia Also Made those Roland and Delphia also made day I could even empathise with Hanns and his fight with his superior s blind faith in false science Us science people understand each other Terra s character development although heavy handed was very well done I disliked her at the beginning for being so spoiled and whining but I ended up liking what she represented So will I read the following installment It is very likelyThanks for reading Warning This review contains spoilersRight off the bat I just want to say I really enjoyed reading this bookI liked the main character and her transformationcharacter development throughout the book was well executed I was very impressed and honestly uite enthralled by the world building The author managed to portray time travel as a real practical science and eternal outh as a plausible and attainable possibility The rules of both are pretty clear cut but don t seem trivial or arbitrary The entire city and Legion are meticulously planned with an attention to detail that reminds me of George R R Martin but thankfully this book didn t introduce as many characters as he doesThe pacing for most of the novel was also good though to be honest I got bored durin The author has given such great writing advice on Clotilda youtube that I ll have to see how it translates to his actual work This book was written by the Terrible Writing Advice guy on Youtube After reading this book I can say that he followed his own advice up to the part where the plot is neededI ll giveou a brief blurb Terra attacks time travelling Nazis and becomes a famous time knight s suire Then uh Terra goes to school and there are Nazis What are the stakes Terra doesn t become a soldier and a Nazi might discover his country s horrid crimes which honestly sounds awesome by the way ALTHOUGH I did enjoy the school The pacing was brisk and the shit happening was interesting and they had the best fucking teacher and I lov. Time travel has made the Edge of Time a dangerous place To protect the Edge of Time from the disastrous alterations of time travelers the Aeon Legion seeks the greatest soldiers and warriors from the most bloody war torn eras in history Those they deem worthy gain a chance to compete in the toughest training program ever designedTerra Mason a plain eighteen ear old girl from the modern United States has an impressive stu. Aeon LegionE himSo what are we left with The world and the characters And to be honest those were well done Sure the description of Saturn city was lacking and I understood nothing of its geography but the technology history and wars the Legion s numerous enemies did build a pretty complete image BUT where this book really shines is with its characters I can honest to God say that ou have never seen and won t be seeing these characters again Soon anyway It doesn t mean that they re great or three dimensional characters by any means but they are uniue enough for it to be notedMC Terra Mason is a bored girl who wants a goal worthy of her attention She s enduring blunt and down to earth but not enough to think that heroes can t exist and that doing the right thing doesn t matter She ll help people in need but leave them if they can handle themselvesRoland is the love interest I think when Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel you have it thatou can t tell if a love interest is in the room it deserves a comment like this is god level writing He s a knight who lies and cheats but he has real skills and talent Hikari is a martial artist who wants a sword and by god she s going to get it even if it means fighting the whole schoolThere are but Incest Tales 5 you get the idea These guys all have their own little uirks attitude and way of speaking that makes them all stand out and I love it Like Terra clicked with me than any other heroine since Angelfall in an actual oh this is totally me way not oh this is a blank sheet way Seriously my personality is like 75% Terra except that I m actually smart and funny and single guys hit me upYeaaaahh this is Maberan s reviews of course there s negatives duh Just like this book has pretty uniue positives it has pretty uniue negativesOK so Terra kept saying what the reader should ve understanding from her actions and words I don t know if that has a name but an example is Terra always getting back up No matter how many times people berate her or kick her she s always getting back on her feet That s actually something I love in MCs and I was glad to finally see a female protagonist like thatBut then there s literally a scene where a character is like I guess being good at this isour talent uh and Terra deadass turns to the camera and says no my only talent is never knowing when to give up Like we can t tell LIKE DUDE You re the TWA guy You should know The Search For Maggie Hare you don t just SAY whatou want the readers to think about a character You let the character be themselves and have the readers understand them through their actions and words as No, No, Charlie Rascal you did with Terra until this fucking scene There s also the same thing with Terra being like a rock which is actually shown from the start and then suddenlyou get this horrible chapter in the middle of the story about her backstory and it Gave Me Vietnam flashbacks I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THATEdit I saw a review where the reader said it was very weird how emotionless Terra was and that he enjoyed this chapter for and that he enjoyed this chapter for backstory and it s weird because that s literally what happened in My Childhood Terra Suppressed Her childhood Terra suppressed her just like I did because people were picking on her for being different and the adults did nothing Reading that chapter was just painful because I saw all my old caretakers and it made me see red This kind of thing really puts characters and writing into perspective doesn t itAlso there "were these subversion of expectations that I could see ten miles from "these subversion of expectations that I could see ten miles from and it s really weird because it s like these random little moments during training Like Terra fails a test or something maybe gets called out by a teacher or Roland comes by to berate her then comes his turn and Terra s like oh finally Roland will be getting some and then gasp he succeedsLike I m very confused as to how obvious these all managed to be Because this isn t hard But they all failed And I am left bemusedAnd then there s the whole Nazi thing So Terra mets this Hanns guy from 1940 and he s all we are ze best and she s like dude nazis are the worst thing ever and they meet uite a few times and I thought it was this really cool red thread with how enemies perceive each other and the difference between a hero and a villain and when Little Violets Family Perversions you can tell which oneou re which Like Terra grows each time she meets Hanns and that relationship she has with him fits with the goal that pushed to join the legion and the doubts the Captain raised in her about the Aeon Legion being no better than any other armyBut then it just putters out Like instead of showing him the things the Nazis have done will do or give him dates and try to understand his point of view she s just dude hitler is evil تهران پایتخت دویست ساله-مجموعه مقالات you are disgusting how canou not see that and he obviously shrugs her accusations off as propagandaLike I could do a better job than that She just insults him and expects that to change his mindflashback to a video by JdGtalking about a live action show of the ninja turtles with a 5th turtle with the power to turn people good with one call outJdG Bc I mean Fap for the Mothman you don t need the turtles You save the world with that power5th turtle figurine You re evil It s not good to be evilHitlerKen doll Oh my Shneider I see it now diesend flashbackLol But erm let s get back to the book Soeah at first I though that Terra would make a parallel between her and Hanns and the Captain and the Aeon Legion but nope She just keeps on being thick headed and refuses to see Hanns side to try and connect with him and open him up to her own side of things Like ou do know. Bborn streak Her persistence and bravery gains the notice and sponsorship of one of the Aeon Legion's greatest heroines Now Terra must turn that stubbornness into determination if she is to contend with history's finest soldiers and somehow pass the Aeon Legion's final test the mysterious Labyrinth She will not uit Terra will prove that even someone as average as her can still be a heroineHanns Speer is polite good nature.

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That a big part of the German population didn t know about the atrocities they committed right Would ou hate them too Hanns is no better than that and Diamonds and Daisies you could make him see what s about to happen and at least try to make him stop trying to time travel but nopeIs it because he s a Nazi I don t think so because the author does portray him in a better light than the SS or other members of the party I think it s because that s going to happen in the seuel is there one lol I don t know I just want logicAnd I mean Terra is also pretty uh what s the word like a dude says he s Muslim and she s immediately like I m not wearing a burua bro and he s like wat and she s like omgou re Muslim and กลิ่นกาสะลอง you actually respect women LIKE DUDE WOW I thought I was little bit too hateful of the good old Allahu Akbar but that s just made me feel a lot better about myself geez And there s all this bullshit with Roland just like waiting and observing people fail a test so he can learn from their mistakes and somehow that makes him the worst person ever Oh and there s also a part where she s told that her friends went ahead of her because if they hadn t they would ve been dead and she also sees that as a major betrayal like dude they were firing rockets at them geezAnd there s also this test they go through where they view spoilerget captured and tortured by their own people and it s treated as this big how couldou but THERE S LITERALLY NO DESCRIPTION OF IT It s just they tortured them and Terra being mad Like I hadn t even registered until I read another review that this would ve totally affected them but it had so little impact on anything that I just didn t get it hide spoiler Plot 45Charcterisation 25 Great characters but JP doesn t show their character enough so that when there are supposed to be emotional moments or punches they don t hit hard enoughWorldbuilding 455 Incredible original world with many cool new ish conceptsThe Mason on the end of her name annoyed meYet I think the author has potential and might improve so I plan to read Best new series I have read in a while Thanks for the new read JP and keep it up I found out about this author and book through his YouTube channel of bad writing advice which unlike the name suggests is good writing advice Lots of sarcasm and wit making fun of standard tropes in many different genres though typically YA What attracted me most about this book was the This book is entertaining enough and has some interesting ideas The author has a great sense of humor and a good grasp on how to play around with tropes to mess with our expectations The writing is a little on the amateurish side which is perfectly understandable and forgivable for an author s first published work I believe it was self published but I could be wrong It does seem to be a lot "better edited than the average self published book All in all I really enjoyed it Is it the best "edited than the average self published book All in all I really enjoyed it Is it the best I ve ever read Nope Is it the worst Nope Was it fun entertaining and memorable Yeah I think that it was Also to any perspective writers out there I highly recommend that ou check out this author s Youtube Series Terrible Writing Advice Where He Gives Some Very series Terrible Writing Advice where he gives some very writing advice in a pretty humorous manner I put this book down at around 53%What I LikedFirst I have to give regards to Beaubien s YouTube account Terrible Writing Advice which I greatly enjoy He clearly understands the pitfalls of various ubiuitous fiction tropes especially those in YA novels and it shows I didn t roll my eyes at a love triangle nor was I thrown out of the world by any obvious plotholesThe novel s greatest strength is in its premise Beaubien successfully made a world where knights Nazis martial artists and other historical heroes and villains could interact with each other which I found fascinating Imagine say if Roman gladiators had made a futuristic Colisseum on a level of Saturn City or a debate scene with Greek scholars pitted against Tibetan monks I also liked the idea of his protagonist and to a lesser extent his other charactersWhat I Didn t Likebut beyond their initial impressions they didn t have much depth This could ve been solved through my main problem endemic to the entire book Beaubien s writing styleThe writing is very blunt and relatively unemotional Most sentences just state something that happened X stared at Y Y shook his head He had a hard time believing it Y activated the machine It then sputtered and turned on That sort of writing A visceral writing style would both increase readers interest through sentence variety and descriptive language and add depth to the characters I wanted to see from the side characters to get a better sense of the worldMy last major point for Aeon Legion Labyrinth addresses its pacing There are large portions of the book dedicated to explaining the rules of the world and of its technology The information itself is fine and often explained through action though redundant If an object does something it s usually unnecessary to then explain what had happened Alternately if an author explains what an object does the object doesn t have to be used in that exact way a sentence later Summary if ou don to be used in that exact way a sentence later Summary if ou don mind the blunt writing style Aeon Legion Labyrinth is a fairly entertaining read I wish Beaubien had done with the premise but maybe he ll expand on his writing in the rest of the series I found this book not long after stumbling across the author s YouTube Channel To put my opinion of the book in. D charming a genius inventor of a time travel machine and a dedicated member of the Nazi Party Yet he cannot understand why people from the future regard him and his fellow Nazis as monsters Now he must use his charisma and cunning to challenge the seemingly invincible Aeon Legion and its monopoly on time travel He will not uit Hanns will steal history itself if he has to mistakenly believing it will prove him to be a her.