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Ovid 19 Buddy Rerererereread IAitUCtCBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this erereread is Maud the Red the Sariv the Learned One snobby cunning medieval space vamps Bouncy Lethal Little Helen of the Ripper Cushions BLLHotRC Arland s loving compassionate altruistic family cut cut cut slice slice slice chop chop chop Machiavellian shenanigans galore the tachi the lees oh my bloody hell of the stinking shrimp what just happened yes this series is most assuredly the ultimate cure to covid 19 And to world hunger And Period Power racism And war And bigotry And global warming Among many other things So let s dance and stuff Book 1 Clean Sweep Book 2 Sweep in Peace Book 3 One Fell Sweep Book 45 Sweep with Me July 2019 And the moral of thiseread is if it weren t for their slightly opposite views on pathetic bloodsuckers fearsome vampires you d think Maud the Red and Kate Daniels were long lost murderously lethal third cousins thrice Biblical Standard for Evangelists removed Or something Also I m still finding it uite unacceptable that Arland didn t get a little very much drunk on coffee in this instalment I am most put out and stuff Also also too disgustingly PG this was if you ask me So sigh and stuff Also also also I love my new friend Seveline so much I decided to introduce her to my newest Super Extra Friendly Pet SEFP Bernie Ha I just knew these two would get along like peas in pod barnacles on aockJune 19 2019 we have a Until Again release date July 16 it is Sorry about this Cousin Gustav tends to get a teensy little bit over excited when it comes to new IAeleases and has the hardest time controlling himself I apologize on his behalf and stuffMay 18 2019 life sucks because the Jesus Calling release date has been pushed back to June and stuff but life isn t so very dramatically bad after all because there s a Maud snippet here and stuff Cows are happy and shaking their booties and so should youDon t tell anyone but I think there s a slight chance I might perhaps like Maud a lot than I do Dina Maybe Also Helen the Tiny Badass HtTB may possibly be the coolest most irresistiblyuthless fanged little kid in the history of coolest most irresistibly Ebeles Favourite ruthless fanged little kids It is probably probable yes Don t askOkay so this shoulda been novella that turned out to be full length novel oh happy shrimp was Slightly Very Good SVG and stuff Granted I like Arland better when he gets drunk on coffee anduns around orchards somewhat naked but I guess you can t have everything Besides I got blood violence and severed limbs which is all that eally matters in the end I learned how to use forks in a most creatively homicidal way while eading this book too so I guess I can t complain and stuff Oh and also The Quiet Front ripper cushions Hugeipper cushions Need I say Didn t think soNow patiently wait until the final non Beading on a Loom revoltingly PG 13 version of the book iseleased I shall Let s just hope it doesn t take too long and stuff I mean should that be the case I would have to put my waiting lettuce hat on and it would kinda sorta uin the nefarious tyrant image I ve been working on for decades A lettuce never looked so hot methinks Full not so fascinating and probably superiorly crappy non eview to come when the Slightly Very Good Book is published and stuff Bump Your Heart Out Warning this Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval review is going to get bumpedepeatedly as new chapters are posted online So if you are one of those freaks who convulse whenever they see the same When Miss Gangster Meets Her Match review in their feed than once please feel free to unfriend and block me I m pretty sure we ll both be glad you did December 1 2018 it s epilogue time Sob sob sob and stuff the end is near here November 25 2018 Chapter 17 part 4 is up So wonderfully violent so delightfully bloody so scrumptiously beautiful Most blissfully happy I amight now November 17 2018 Chapter 17 part 3 is up November 10 2018 Chapter 17 part 2 is up November 5 2018 Chapter 17 part 1 is here The Mostest Awesomest Authorlords MAA wrote this instalment despite being sick as fish that s how Mostest Awesomest they are October 19 2018 Chapter 16 Part 2018 Chapter 16 part is up October 16 2018 Chapter 16 parts 1 and 2 are upSays Gordon We are gently Aliens Among Us reminding you that because of the nature of this story being posted on the internet where minors canead it we keep things PG 13 until the story is Revised For PublicationOooooh That Means There Will Be Hot Stuff for publicationOooooh that means there will be hot stuff this chapter when the book is published I think some pre emptively sweating is in order October 9 2018 Chapter 15 part 4 is up September 28 2018 Chapter 15 part 3 is up September 21 2018 Chapter 15 part 2 is up September 15 2018 Chapter 15 part 1 is up September 7 2018 Chapter 14 parts 1 and 2 are up August 26 2018 Chapter 13 part 3 is up August 16 2018 Chapter 13 part 2 is up August 14 2018 it s already time to ead Chapter 13 part 1 August 13 2018 another instalment is up Important appearance announcements incoming Check the main site for updates August 10 2018 Chapter 12 part 3 is up August 9 2018 Chapter 12 part 2 is up July 27 2018 Chapter 12 part 1 is up July 21 2018 Chapter 11 part 3 is up July 14 2018 Chapter 11 part 2 is up June 19 2018 Chapter 11 part 1 is here June 19 2018 Chapter 10 part 2 is here June 2 2018 Chapter 10 part 1 is up May 29 2018 GDPR Curse begone Chapter 9 part 2 is here May 19 2018 Chapter 9 part 1 is up May 14 2018 Chapter 8 part 2 is up Art by Disanthus May 5 2018 Chapter 8 part 1 is here April 21 2018 no Innkeeper until May A very private message to the Authorlords if your plane s engine blow up I m unleashing the crustaceans on the airline company Just so you know April 14 2018 Chapter 7 part 2 is up April 7 2018 Chapter 7 part 1 is up already Woo hoo and stuff April 4 2018 Chapter 6 part 3 is up Who would have thought House Krahr had its very own Doolittle Ain t no honey badger thoughAlso Maud and Little Helen are so bloody shrimping badass I could cry nefarious tears and stuff March 24 2018 Chapter 6 parts 1 2 are up "March 9 2018 Chapter 5 part 2 is up And it s all about ipper cushions "9 2018 Chapter 5 part 2 is up And it s all about ipper cushions 3 2018 Chapter 5 part 1 is up And look at that most yummilicious art Feb 24 2018 Chapter 4 part 3 is up Feb 20 2018 Chapter 4 parts 1 and 2 are up Feb 9 2018 Chapter 3 part 3 is up Feb 2 2018 Chapter 3 part 2 is up January 30 2018 Chapter 3 part 1 is up January 26 2018 we have a title Yay and stuff January 20 2018 chapter 2 part 2 is up January 15 2018 Okayyyyyy so my first eview for this book went poof in a wondrous blast of glorious nothingness so here we go again Yay and stuffSoooo let s Croatie : Cte Adriatique, Dalmatie recap a little here this most scrumptious piece of serial entertaintment has been up andunning since December 25 2017 It s a novella about Maud and Little Miss Awrawrrawrawr aka Helen view spoiler forget about the silly Amber alert business Helen is safely stashed away in the Kindergarten wing of my High Security Harem hide spoiler 99c Kindle sale June 15 2020 35ish stars Final eview first posted on Fantasy LiteratureWith Sweep of the Blade the fourth installment in Ilona Andrews INNKEEPER CHRONICLES series there is a new main character Maud sister of Dina the previous main character and the innkeeper of this light SF series We met Maud in the prior book in this series One Fell Sweep when Dina. Paid Rescued by her sister Dina Maud had swore off all things vampire Except she met Arland the Marshal of House Krahr One thing led to another and he asked for her hand in marriage She declinedTry as she might she can't just walk away from Arland It doesn't help that being human is a lot harder for Maud than being a vampireTo sort it all out she accepts his invitation to visit his home planet ,
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Re ead 3171945 stars 21218We have finally eached the end my friends If you want to Από τη Μήδεια στη Σταχτοπούτα, Η ιστορία του φαλλού read this for free in it s entirety this is your chance now before it gets taken down to be edited and publishedEnjoy Many many thanks and deep gratitude to the authors for all their work on Innkeeper and sharing it with us for fr I think most people are kind of over vampires but these authors do a fantastic job of making these vampires interesting In fact if anyone were to ask me if I wanted toead about them I d probably tell them nobuthankyouforasking However I ll This Poison Will Remain read anything by Ilona AndrewsAnd I m glad Iead this oneOk so if you e unfamiliar with the Innkeeper Chronicles it s basically an urban fantasy series about an alternate Earth with sentient Inns that contain portals to other planetsand dimensionsKind ofAlso other stuff and all of it extremely addicting to ead about So the gist of this is that there are vampires but not like the ones that we ve got here in Transylvania These guys are all on different planets waging war plotting against and trying to outmaneuver each other for dominance All while having these old world viewpoints about class and castes It s fun ReallySo this daughter of an Innkeeper who has her own set of mysterious powers marries a douchey but hot vampire He ends up getting them and their child cast out of his Sweep of the Blade (Innkeeper Chronicles, rather powerful family and stranded on a prison esue planet then promptly sets about getting himself killed off because of his scheming natureOur heroine can take care of herself but when another hot but non douchey vampire makes a bid for her heart will she say yesAnd there you have it Another great story by these two authors Iead this book in a single day because Ilona Andrews I fan girl this writing team so hard it isn t even funny So with that said I am obviously unbiased I can t seem to write a Infernal Dictionary Deluxe Edition review for this but here s my crappy attempt at itThis feels a little like Kate Daniels in that Maud has a lot of knowledge and also knows how to kick ass Also Arland has a whole lot of tradition and authorityresponsibility he has to uphold which seems to conflict directly with his choice of Maud as hisomantic interest much like the early KateCurran Bent Over Screaming (Slave to the Desk Book 1) relationship Oh and throw in a kid Helen whose mixed heritage makes her a lot dangerous than her childhood counterparts much like Conlan However it s not like Kate Daniels in that there is space travel vampires who are like humans and there are political machinations on a universal scaleSo all in all this felt familiar and yet different and I enjoyed it Maud s novella is a drippy uninspiringomance with absolutely boring world building The first four installments consist of Maud approaching the planet where her non fiance vampire is from landing on the planet and overhearing a gossipy conversation between two women and then flying with her boyfriend to someplace else Vampires in this book stand in f Ilona Andrews books are my crack and I don t ever want to uit Gah this book I could NOT put it down If you are a fan of this series you will be blown away by Sweep of the Blade Technically you could try it as a stand alone since Maud is the main focus of the story but I highly Life by Committee recommendeading the other Innkeeper Chronicles books first mainly because they are awesome I was so so addicted to the story Inner Factors That Control Outer Success 10 CDS right from the beginning The pace is very fast and the timeeading will simply fly by Maud is an extremely compelling character and there is a nice The Keeper of the Jackalopes romance to boot even if theomance isn t the mushy demonstrative kind Also there is no heat at all for those interested Children in books can be hit or miss for me but I loved Maud s End Product relationship with her daughter I even found myself calling my own children my flower despite the strange looks that I got from my husbandAll this book did was made me hungry for the next in the series It s crack tastic and I guarantee you will love it too goodreads instagram twitter blog 1stead throughout 2018 Read as it was The Language of Love released as a serial2ndead January 2019 Reread online when the serial was complete3rd ead July 2019 Final published versionAs much as I love Dina and enjoy "SPENDING TIME AT THE INN I M REALLY HAPPY "time at the Inn "I m eally happy we got a book about Maud and Arland It was great to see of the vampire culture "m Quran Made Easy really happy we got a book about Maud and Arland It was great to see of the vampire culture visit Arland s home planet but what Ieally enjoyed was seeing Maud find a place for herself with Arland s family not just because Arland loves her but because they could see what an asset she is on her own meritMaud is very different to her sister they both grew up in Inns so have a broad knowledge of the universe and all the different species that live in it but Maud spent years living with vampires and in a lot of ways she s vampire than human in her outlook on life After everything that happened with Melizard she s wary of getting involved with Arland she wants Helen to be happy and knows that she d have a fuller life on Arland s home world and importantly than anything she loves Arland but she s terrified of having her life Apro dnatoire ripped out from under her again She wants to have her own place in society one that doesn t depend on Arland where she sespected for her own abilities and she s determined to prove her worth to his familyI loved how brave Maud is to fight for what she wanted and I eally appreciated how patient Arland was he never tried to push her further than she was willing to go and although he d made up his mind about wanting to marry her he was happy to wait until she was eady for a Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life relationship I love the two of them together and when you throw adorable Helen into the mix theye just the cutest little family unitI ve already ead this story three times first when it was being serialised on Ilona Andrews blog again when it had been finished so I could binge it in one sitting and for the third time when the published version hit my kindle I have to admit I was hoping we might have a little heat added to the finished version but I just loved everything about this story It s full of action lots of humour a sweet omance and a battle with space pirates What could I ask for Oh and the ending left me desperate for the next instalment too Interesting things are afoot in the Innkeeper universe and I can t wait to see what happens nextWell that was bloody awesome The whole story is now available to ead online it usually stays up for a couple of
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or so before s taken down so if you want to try it while its free you should get to it ASAP It ll then be taken offline properly edited with extra adult material added and then published made available to purchase usually as an ebook and in printI always love eading the instalments as this is written but I m planning to ead the whole thing again from the beginning very soon in one big binge Then of course I ll be buying the finished version to for the Maud Arland sexy times LOLIlona and Gordon have started posting instalments of the latest Innkeeper story on their website This is going to be a novella about Maud and Helen travelling to Arland s home planet to meet his family and I can t wait let the wonderful torture of waiting for each week s new instalment begin IA is the Ultimate Cure to Maud Demille was a daughter of Innkeepers She knew that a simple life wasn't in the cards but she never anticipated what Fate would throw at herOnce a wife to a powerful vampire knight Maud and her daughter Helen had been exiled for the sins of her husband to the desolate planet of Karhari Karhari killed her husband and Maud had spent a year and a half avenging his debts But now all the debts are. ,
Convinced Sean the werewolf and Arland the vampire these are both alien aces by the way though distantly Fetish Affaire related to humans to help herescue Maud and her five year old half vampire daughter Helen from the desert prison planet Karhari In the first few chapters of Sweep of the Blade Andrews Lives of Notorious Cooks retells these scenes from Maud s point of viewArland has fallen head over heels for Maud her sword fighting skills are as good as any vampire s which is a major turn on for Arland and after just a few weeks at Dina s inn he asks her to go to his planet Daesyn marry him and live with him there and help him lead his vampire clan House Krahr Maud is a widow who was previously married to another vampire however and she s completely soured on vampire society and afraid of what the likelyejection from Arland s family will do to Helen But Arland is tremendously attractive think Thor with fangs deeply in love with Maud and a good guy in spite of being you know a vampire so Maud agrees to go to Daesyn with Arland and see how things go with him and his extended family without making any formal commitment yetWhen they each Daesyn House Krahr is in turmoil they ve been asked to host a large wedding featuring a couple from two other hostile vampire clans House Krahr s leaders suspect a trap but vampire clans are big on honor and there s no graceful way to efuse the Manon, Ballerina reuest Luckily Maud is not only a kickass warrior able to hold her own with almost any vampire but also a highly intelligent well informed woman with a vast knowledge of galactic society generally and vampire society in particular She soon gets ample opportunity to prove her value and Helen s to House Krahr Sweep of the Blade originally published on the Andrews website in serial form is a fast paced adventure spiced with a littleomance Helen is delightful it s fun to be in Maud s head as she figures everything out and shows those vampires her own chops and Arland is satisfyingly tough and adoring of Maud There are several great scenes one of my favorites was a banuet where Maud فرهنگ معاصر پویا/ انگلیسی-فارسی-دو جلد در یک جلد realizes that the vampires are unintentionally insulting the tachi a giant insect like alienace by feeding them the wrong type of food with no artistic presentation whatsoever the horror and immediately sets about making things T-Force rightMaud plucked the blue kora fruit from the bowl peeled the thin skin and carefully cut the fruit into evenound slices She managed eight slices seven perfectly even and one slightly thicker She placed the seven slices around the cubes The eighth was a hair too thick She pondered itThe tachi pondered it with herBetter safe than sorry She Wilder Girls reached for another koraThe tachi to her left emitted an audible sigh ofelief and then crunched his mouth shut embarrassedThere are some weak parts to Sweep of the Blade This novel s genesis as a weekly serial is apparent While the Andrews team has added detail and backstory to the final published version of Sweep of the Blade it still feels episodic with the scenes pieced together in a way that the seams still show and the plot doesn t uite have the depth of the best books in this series Maud herself is so improbably accomplished and wonderful at Every Single Thing except CFNM Model relationship commitment which is understandable She speaks numberless languages including Ancestor Vampiric dialects than most vampire scholars She s a devoted parent an excellent diplomat peerless fighter highly intelligent and even diligent about keeping her vampire armor in top shape It all makes her a little hard to believe in and fully sympathize withThe vampires in the INNKEEPER CHRONICLES series aren t at all bloodsuckers in the traditional sense Theye like Vikings or Samurai warriors who very occasionally take a bite out of their enemies No sensitivity to sunlight or aversions to garlic or crosses here At least the werewolves in this series actually shapeshift into wolves Sweep of the Blade is fun eading if you like the Andrews brand "of urban fantasy flavored science fiction It s a light space opera omance that goes "urban fantasy flavored science fiction It s a light space opera Its Only a Game romance that goes easy with lots of gory fighting to spice it up but doesn teally stick with you Can I ask you something Maud asked Of course Why do you have a copy of Twilight in your oom Arland became completely still Um Lord Marshal she prompted with a small smile I
"Wanted To Know How "
to know how from Earth see vampires Not just a vampire omance it a Space Vampire omanceimage error Sale Alert Kindle Daily Deal 15Jun20 099There this thing about Ilona Andrews writing that almost always works for me Again they have captured that blend of good story interesting backdrop fun characters dash of humor touch of alphaness pinch of magic and a sprinkling of sword play baked at 322 pages for a delicious good time You don t have to have ead any of the other books in this series to understand Sweep of the Blade but you d miss out on the great time that was Dina and Sean s storyMaud is a fighter she s been a fighter since she was a child and picked up her first sword It made sense that her first husband came from the very battle intensive culture of the vampires But alas he was not the prince charming with fangs she thought he was and now Maud has a dead husband and a five year old child to think of Helen is totes adorbs though so probably worth the time with the idiot who was her fatherIn the last book of this series Maud and Arland super Vampire from clan awesomeness fell in love and while she has Before Watchmen (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, reservations about going with him to his homeworld she knows her daughter is nevereally going to fit in on earth But Maud wants to be smart this time love isn t everything and so she hasn t accepted Arland s proposal yet In her words love is easy its marriage that is hard and complicatedI loved being on this journey with Maud Arland and Helen It was great seeing the human and her half vampire child out vampire some of Arland s own family and the two Ownership and Possession rival clans that are having a wedding in Arland s stronghold Can anyone say The thing is because of how vampire politics work even though they know it is probably a trap they have to play the game until theeveal is made or the appearance is that Arland s house is weak Vampires shrugs Still it makes for a very interesting story as Maud works to figure out the The Harvest Murder real play protect her daughter and figure out a way to become an asset to Arland s houseI enjoyed the expansion of Arland and Maud s time together while at Dina s Inn so that the love didn t seem so instantaneous I also enjoyed seeing Arland with Helen and how much of a father he has become to her It was adorable the way he plays with and treats his future stepdaughter This is definitely PGating and I could have done with PG 13 since that is what the Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) rest of the series were so farI was sad not to see Dina Sean Gertrude Hunt and Caldenia except for inelived snippets in this book I love them all so much Maud however carried the story so well and I The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) really like the magic that she may posses along with that little teaser at the end Dare I hope that we see George Jack and Sophie again in upcoming books A girl can dare to dream and that is exactly what I ll be doing until the next book set in this world. Ouse Krahr is a powerful vampire House and Maud knows that a woman who turned down the proposal from its most beloved son wouldn't get a warmeception But Maud Demille never shied from a fight and House Krahr may soon discover that there is to this human woman than they ever thought possiblePublished as an online free serial before the book is compiled and self published shortly after completion.