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Even considering the work as a series of conversations however the book is woefully one sided We only get James contributions and only come to know the argument of the other philosophers as presented and interpreted by James It is inescapably incomplete to the detriment of examining as presented and interpreted by James It is inescapably incomplete to the detriment of examining larger issue of epistemology and belief as always i of epistemology and belief As always I struck by how James prefigured the science of psychology and his defense of his account of truth certainly reflects his interest in the workings of the brain and how it influences belief and how our beliefs influence our actions or wellbeing Definitely worth a read for a James enthusiast or someone wanting to Definitely worth a read for a James enthusiast or someone wanting to an inside view of how his account was received in the larger philosophical community of his day It serves as a nice bibliography It s not what I would call easy reading but it was interesting If you re not an avid philosophy unkie I d move on to something that distills James ideas into a accessible presentation I love the concept of pragmatism that s expounded upon in this book This book is not a book that should be read solely for leisure The philosophies discussed in this book are designed to really help you to objectively look at your life If you want to enhance your intelligence then this book is ust right you Isaac Samuel Miller Author of Just Get Up And Manifest Your Inner Genius William James Meaning of Truth which further elaborates on his writings about truth in Pragmatism is from a pragmatic and logical point of view uite the achievement James windings through the thought process of anti pragmatists is something to behold As with his other works James greatly contributes to the field of epistemology The introduction of the book by H S Thayer gives an insight of James s previous book Pragmatism which is intended as a seuel to The Meaning of Truth. Itle The Meaning of Truth in 1909 the year before his death The Meaning of Truth shows James at his best clear and readable as always and full of verve and good humor Intent upon making difficult ideas clear he is also forceful in his effort to make them preva. ,

R copies already complete realities but rather the collaborating with realities so as to bring about a clearer result Phrases like working expedient and cash value led critics to suggest that pragmatism only involved practical truths and not conceptual ones a conclusion which James eually regrets and derides here The brief lecture on how the mind perceives things which aren t there The Tigers in India should have put that to bedMore than once James had cause to rue his inadeuacy in describing his meaning his stumbling language I took this to than mere modesty for he really was deficient in making himself Clear If This Book Is Anything To Go By His if this book is anything to go by His is inelegant his analogies not always particularly useful the one about In this collection of short rather informal essays William James responds to critics of his presentation of truth in his prior book Pragmatism where he defines truth as a relation of concepts to facts or realities On his account the existence of truth depends on there being a knower or conceptualizer otherwise all we have are the facts and realities Truth is inherently humanistic subject dependent and experiential and each truth necessitates determined workings out of its conseuences both empirically and intellectually Unfortunately not having read Pragmatism and I would highly recommend reading it first James account of truth read a little piecemeal and disjointed and was also a little repetitive I actually like his definition of truth and want to read his formal account of it and read the papers challenging his definition This brings me to what I think is the most interesting and valuable part of the book it gives the reader a peek into the intellectual conversations and informal debates between the greatest philosophical minds of the day James himself Russell Schiller Hawtrey etc. Larify the pragmatic conception of truth James collected nine essays he had written on this subject before he wrote Pragmatism and six written later in response to criticisms of that volume by Bertrand Russell and others He published the collection under the Philosophy for me tends to be built around using lots of words to explain a single word and then having to use lots of words to explain each of the words used for the first explanation and everything gets tangled into a knot I do love philosophy I ust tend to not like philosophers William James did uite well in this book though was mostly understandable although I generally felt he have explained a lot of things simply and he did manage to get somewhere I think The actual place where he got isn t hugely conseuential for me as his pragmatism is mostly aligned with how I already think but on his ourney I did notice some interesting things about myselfI also ended up with a fair number of uestions and that was my favorite part What a uant old fashioned concept Truth has become Difficult as it might seem to believe for anyone presently under the age of twenty people actually used to care about Truth Loosely termed here by James as meaning an agreement with Reality You Can Understand Immediately you can understand immediately Truth has gone out of fashion in the era of fake news and rampant online conspiracy garbageI ust had to get that off my chest sorry about that This collection of essays speeches and vigorous defenses of his theory of pragmatism as it relates to the uestion of Truth is very much a philosophical work not a political onePragmatism stood opposed to idealism and rationalism as a new theory about thought James and his school asserted that the act of knowing was not static but active continuously making itself valid from concept to percept or wherever it terminates inbetweenJames was a humanist so the idea of a perfect God or an ideal Platonic universe weren t enough for him We have to play our active part As such then Truth we conceive to mean everywhere not duplication but addition not the constructing of inne. In Pragmatism William James attacked the transcendental rationalist tradition in philosophy and tried to clear the ground for the doctrine he called radical empiricism The book caused an uproar; it was greeted with praise hostility and ridicule Determined to

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