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Such a lovely book All my goodreads friends who have read this have rated it 4 have read this have rated it "4 5 stars I suggested our library buys this book and they did I m so glad because "5 stars I suggested our library buys this book and they did I m so glad because is a lovely story about friendship trust caring for others finding a home and being lost and then foundThis is a beautifully illustrated story without text that will have ou calling out to the woman look behind ou go back A touching story with wonderful illustrations and a heartwarming ending Having absolutely loved Chinese illustrator Guojing s picture book debut that marvelously magical wordless story The Only Child I picked up this second venture into the form with a great deal of anticipation It didn t hurt that the cover image was so adorable or that the sub title hinted at a poignant tale of a homeless animal finding a home always a sure thing when it comes to tugging at my heartstrings Happily my anticipation was not in vain and I found Stormy A Story About Finding a Forever Home a delightfully engaging and heartwarmin No ou re crying Oh I want a dog This might be the most touching wordless picture book I ve ever read Even the Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) youngest viewer can understand the story Very very sweet and gentle except I did worry about the dog in traffic at one point Otherwise just adorable and endearing I laughed at the last perfect page For some reason no part of the story depressed me probably because I knew there would a happy ending The illustrations are gorgeous and charming Great book for dog lovers for teaching about love and patience and empathy Girl and dog establish a loving bond The story is told through beautiful illustrations that convey emotion softness gentleness and eventually trust Just awwww Meltour heart awwww If ou love animals just read it It is beautifully done utterly heartwarming and perfectly captures the incredible connection that humans and animals can experience if we open our hearts to them The parts where the lady is trying to win the dog s trust really moved me as I had many experiences like In this wordless picture book a woman visits a park and discovers a pup hiding under a bench scruffy scared and alone With gentle coaxing the woman tries to befrien. Stormy A Story About Finding a Forever Home

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Hat when I volunteered at a cat sanctuary as it "was my job to help calm and win over the new arrivals who were often so frightened and reluctant to "my job to help calm and win over the new arrivals who were often so frightened and reluctant to Five stars all the way Stormy is a must read for any dog lover We picked this up because we read the author other book The Only Child which uickly became one this up because we read the author s other book Only Child which uickly became one our favorites Stormy is a wordless picture book with stunning illustrations You can expect the same colorful eye catching artwork from the cover throughout the entire book The story is about a little dog who appears to be lost and homeless He s very fearful and unsure of human contact A girl who runs into him at a park takes interest and tries to coax him with a ball but to no avail After a few days of persistence the little dog finally follows her home and a rainstorm develops What will happen to this poor little dog Will the girl ever see him againThis book is beautifully illustrated and kept our interest from front to back It never ceases to amaze me how an author can craft a story with no words one so powerful that has such an emotional effect on people The kids and I had a lot of emotion reading it and after discussing it we ended up reading it multiple times again This book deals with trust fear loneliness love perseverance and kindness It may be recommended for ages 3 7 but it s truly a book for all dog lovers of any ageWe enjoy wordless picture books and this is definitely one we ll keep Highly recommend We ll always be on the lookout for books by Guojing 5You can also see this review wwwreadrantrockandrollcom Stormy should warm even the coldest heart Dog lovers are going to be hit particularly hard by this one though It s hard not to love this sweet story about a lonely little dog and a girl who has a lot of love to giveLike The Only Child which I read earlier this ear Stormy is told entirely without words Guojing s illustrations are such that no words are necessary The story unfolds at a natural pace and the illustrated panels show the hesitant development of a rela. D the animal but the dog is too scared to let her near Day after day the woman tries and day after day the dog runs away With perseverance and patience and help fro.

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Tionship The little dog is skittish and won t let anyone come near But the girl is Persistent She Brings A Ball She brings a ball the park and tries to engage the dog in a game of fetch It doesn t exactly work and the girl has to leave Magic in the North yet again One night the dog follows her home and gets caught in a storm She doesn t realize this and goes looking for it at the park Will their paths cross I m sureou can guess the answer based on the book s subtitle Still watching the two grow closer is delightful to watchThe pictures are breathtaking The little dog is charming and Guojing has perfectly captured its emotions in the soft looking illustrations Unlike the pictures in The Only Child these ones are in full colour I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to include in my review there are so many beautiful ones that highlight this relationship of patience perseverance and loveIt s amazing how so much emotion and story can be conveyed without any words at all I can t wait to see what Guojing does nextuotable moment Oh Stormy What happened Did someone abandon Imagining Gay Paradise you Didou get lost You look so all alone The clouds are getting darker there s a storm coming What about that nice lady who sits and reads on König der Welten 1 your bench each day She threw a ball toou the last time she was there Maybe Love, and Other Things to Live For you can find her Stormy Maybe Hold on to hope Stormy Sniff sobGosh I love a great wordless book Just illustrate the heck out of a story and I m than happy Everything works here Everything Even the texture of the dog s fur wet vs dry is vivid No words nothing to explain the tale Just a homeless fluffbucket and a woman who reads books on a park bench The artist Guojing has made me a fanOh StormyBook Season Winter alone in the rain A woman with the patience of a saint and a heart of gold helps Stormy find hishers furever home You don t need to be a dog person to enjoy this one Anyone with a furry friend will love this story that melts and breaksour heart at the same time Being its wordless all ages will be able to read it on their ow. M an enticing tennis ball a tentative friendship begins But it's not until a raging storm forces the two together that a joyous and satisfying friendship takes hold.

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