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H the driving manual Fight on girls Ever Wonder What Tank Girl Would Be wonder what Tank Girl would be if it was made in Japan THIS MANGA IS VERY VERY FUNNY AND COMIC This is the Girls und Panzer manga based from the anime of the same title If you haven t seen the anime I totally recommend watching it and it s available to stream on services like Crunchy Roll If you think the idea of high school girls ngaging in tournament tank combat is awesome and cute at the same time then this mangaanime is something worth checking outOne thing I appreciated about this manga adaptation is that it isn t just a regurgitation of the anime The anime really follows the story of Miho as SHE SEARCHES FOR HER OWN KIND searches for her own kind tankery after having a division of philosophies with her family the most well known tankery family Instead this manga follows the perspective of Akiyama Yukari she was the girl really into tanks from the anime I liked this approach because I didn t feel like I was Hilla Rebay experiencing the samexact story again They ven include matches that are a not included in the anime and skip some of the matches that are Which I Appreciated The Only I appreciated The only where the manga sort of falls is where they try to keep the balance between the anime and the manga being the same I feel like they had a golden opportunity to build Yukari s character and bring us into her world and love of tanks but there is too little of that throughout the manga By volume 4 we re pretty much following the final matches xactly with Yukari s commentary While her commentary is a bit different after four volumes she delivers the same sentiments a little too often I would have preferred we delve into Yukari s world a bit deeply and then this would have made the series feel a lot different than the animeEven though the writers couldn t strike this balance perfectly I still Designing for Magazines enjoyed the ma. Ed its tankery program andnlists Miho to put together a team so that they may compete in a national tournamentAs Miho struggles to overcome her turbulent past with tanks she ,

What was I thinking I saw a sign for this manga and thought why is this popular Now that I have read it I still have the same uestion Tanks for nothing Hmm interesting start so far but hmmm still don t what to make of it This book is rated Teen by the people at Seven Seas Entertainment and has scenes of tank combat though as of yet no casualties due to some kind of mechanic that once struck a tank is immobilized and a white flag pops
"Up At Least I Think "
at least I think is how it works from the one clean hit I saw In my opinion any subtle sexuality can be The Wild Side easily missed by anyone younger then a teen if you wish to allow slightly younger readers to go through this book so long as you are okay with them reading about thelegant womanly art of Tankery At first I was not sure what to think when one of my friends brought me this book to read but who am I to look down on a book just because it sounds like a strange mash up to draw girls and boys alike Introducing Yukari Akiyama we find out she is a tank otaku False Start early on in the story before weven meet the rest of her ventual team at school Each member of her team has their own uniue personality and skill set that helps them when they get their first chance in the magnificently drawn tanks which are a stark contrast art wise compared to much softer chance in the magnificently drawn tanks which are a stark contrast art wise compared to much softer who use them The mangaka Ryohichi Saitaniya does a great job mixing opposing art styles and is able to bring the motional states for the girls to life through animated His Plaything expressions as they learn the importance of team work guts and strategy in the field of combat and life Or maybe I am just over thinking this because it is only the 1st volume andnds in a cliff hangerMy favorite part of the book is when generally sleepy and brilliant Mako Reizei steps in to drive the tank when Hana Isuzu faints after briefly skimming throug. Miho Nishizumi a new transfer student to Ooarai All Girls High School would like nothing than to njoy a peaceful stress free school life Unfortunately her new school just reviv. Nga a lot Perhaps it is merely my love of this world that let s me njoy it so much but I really liked it ven s me njoy it so much but I really liked it Captain Tsubasa - Tome 29: La renaissance du duo en or ! even some of thexperiences were nearly the same as the anime In the Dream Fossil end if you liked the anime I think you would like this as well I actually hope they publish stories from this universe as they seem to have uite an interesting world to draw from They ve already started doing this with Little Army which is a must read if younjoy this series in my opinion I njoyed this volume very much and I hope to read of the series in the future I love I hope to read of the series in the future I love anime but it really doesn t translate well to a comicbook format Exaggerated reactions that would look cute in animation just look cringy here and battles look far less awesome without the movement being captured in animation The adaptation tries to be a little different by shifting focus away from Miho and onto Yukari this is a good decision but the book ultimately suffers for it because it just isn t able to compete with the world building as well as the story and character development in the anime It is bad the thing that will keep you invested and somewhat like it is being familiar with the anime If you are not familiar with GuP at all watch the anime the manga will just leave you dissatisfied and confused I love this mangaanime as it has the action the tanks AND THE GIRLSI njoyed it #very much This is the story of a school club devoted to that most feminine of the womanly arts tank warfareNo #much This is the story of a school club devoted to that most feminine of the womanly arts tank warfareNo this is a story about a world where tank warfare is right up there with flower arrangement and tea ceremony as things any proper young lady should know And there are competitive tank battles between schools Oh and did I mention that the main school is on a giant aircraft carrierLook I don t care how stupid this sounds you cannot deny the awesomeness of this. Ust first learn to tread lightly with her ccentric companions Can Miho possibly plow through the challenges and master the art of tankery or will she get left behind in the dus.

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