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The Shadowhunters Codex rAtural selection scientifically means that the weak get phased out one can never underestimate human will Anyways I m so happy to haveead this book I can t even begin to speculate who the next book is about But I suspect it s a certain damaged journeyman Can t wait 35 4 starsPretty sweet I love the guys the last two in this series haven t been as good for me as the first couple but its still good to see all the characters and watch them find their happiness Um Wyatt s familyugh what utter shitheads I love that the drama was not within the Dry Hard relationship also they were solid and yes had insecurities and all that but no big issues that blew them up This was like book 1 and 2 which I enjoyed pretty muchThe characters were great and are one of my favorites so far Another winning storyThis author has a marvelous ability to create characters that come to life in my mind as Iead Mat and Wyatt are both uniue and complex with their individual histories and the disabilities they live with I so enjoy fiction that teaches without ever seeming like a lesson I already liked Mat s character from the prior books and Wyatt was fascinating making it so easy to catch all the feels around the elationship and omance It s moderate levels of angst mixed with steamy scenes and warm fuzzies with the found family Mat and Wyatt share I still need to try and make poutine and googling translations of also cheesy French pick up lines was fun Highly Das Haus der Angst recommended along with every book. Ond he spends in the other man’s company Mat starts toealize he can’t hide that part of himself any He’s enad with the other man from love of old westerns and tombstone to the way he westerns Tombstone to the way he his life unapologetically Once MAT LEAPS HE KNOWS THERE’S NO leaps he knows there’s no back If only it were so easy Wyatt is afraid that his past Values and Professional Knowledge in Teacher Education ruined him for any future and Mat’s afraid that his inabilities make him impossible to love but with the support of their friends and family they just might find their way to their happily ever after Stick and Poke is the fifth book in the Irons and Works series The book contains no cheating and guaranteed HEA Stick and Poke can beead as a stand alone novel but is best understood in the context of the previous books in Irons and Work.

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Certain terminology suggests UK CA or AUS English If unprepared and words matter it may throw the flow off a bit I started off liking this Mat s an interesting character Wyatt matter it may throw the flow off a bit I started off liking this Mat s an interesting character Wyatt so much But it went a bit downhill for me Crazy exes always bug me in stories On the plus side there wasn t as much epetition in the plot of the previous books as some of the othersWyatt also lost major points when 45 parfait starsI ve always loved this series and while I loved some books and didn t love some as much I think this is among my favourite if not THE favourite of the series Wyatt made some very brief cameos in previous books but he kept mainly out of it Mat was around but his story was a pretty tightly kept one So it was Ray Ryan reallyewarding for me to finally know both their stories I m eally happy with the Pacing And The Story and the story in this book There wasn t any drama between Wyatt and Mat which was a elief since they ve had way too much going against them without them having added drama between them I love that they both save themselves and neither The Last True Explorer relies on the other to be the provider or caretakerAs with theest of this series I adore that the characters each have some physical limitation I don t think it classifies as a fetish to love damaged characters I hope but I love it all the same because as much as it opens my eyes that people who aren t normal can do as much or than people who have limitations I love the esilience and the strength it shows and that while His husband is involved in a scandal with a student Wyatt spends all of his energy to clear his name then uickly escapes Canada for the US He settles in a sleepy little town just outside of Denver enting a small house from the local mechanic and trying to lay low until he figures out what he wants to do with his life But it’s not that easy to start over and his ability to keep himself isolated is strained when he meets the young tattoo artist ecovering from a head injury Wyatt falls uickly and deeply but there’s one problem as far as he knows Mat is straight Except that might not be entirely true Mat’s been holding tight to a secret afraid to take up space in a lane that never belonged to him But with every French pick up line Wyatt teases him with every sec. .
Stick and Poke Irons and Works #5FREE on today 7242020 I enjoy this series so much These characters feel eal and honest to me and I love to watch them find happiness against what seem to be bad oddsI also enjoy to gain some new perspectives along
way as they all come different backgrounds and face different struggles and handicapsThere is not Thrones, Dominations really and arc of suspense in this book but it s a great comfortead that made me all mushy and content deep inside Stick and PokeI can t gush enough over this series Wyatt and Mat have now become my favorite couple and I don t think anyone will top them Wyatt is out of a bad marr Oh I loved Wyatt Matt out of a bad marr Oh I loved Wyatt Matt love the series and the vulnerability of the characters Each with a trauma or disability that highlights and celebrates the people they are despite their challenges Wyatt Matt I Hela Cnau really had struggles but I adored their connection I meally hoping the introduction of a new character at the end might mean a new book Fingers crossed Wyatt and Mat s story Age gap of less than 10 years Off page cheating by a secondary character Wyatt s character addresses blindness and The Challenges That Come challenges that come it Mat s character addresses the obstacles he s faced overcame and still struggles with due to a TBI traumatic brain injury NOTE All of the story timelines overlap a bit with one another so it would be my ecommendation to ead them in the order they were Jace's Pet released The author s use of words leads me to believe that US English is not her first language. Mat Harlow had his life figured out He married his college sweetheart and hisesidency at the hospital was showing a promising career ahead Then at the hands of a The Mistake (Off-Campus, reckless driver all of it changed A traumatic brain injury derails his life and Mat finds himself dumped by his wife out of a job andejected by his family He escapes into the world of tattooing settling in Fairfield Colorado surrounded by the only people who had ever offered him unconditional support But as comforting as the guys at Irons and Works are he can’t deny that he’s lonely His inability to Piraten! read aphasia and stammer make it difficult for him to maintain any semblance of normal when it comes toelationships Wyatt Adley has dealt with his fair share of disaster when it comes to marriage When. ,

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