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Revenge By E.M. Denning

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Ometimes I read New Adult and when I was contacted by the author to read Revenge "I Was Nervous It Was "was nervous It was as an Erotica Novella which I can see but it really was just a New Adult non erotica branded Novella as the characters were only sophos in college rather than later 20 s or above New Adult normally has an abundance of sexually explicit scenes with college aged characters Story wise I was initially intrigued but as the story progressed I wasn t into it It was very stereotypical Girl has a shitty boyfriend Girl sleeps with a really hot guy who she has a past with sexy things and guy she has a past with sexy things happen and bam A thing that seems to happen in all New Adult books happens and I CAN T STAND IT I would say it but I don t want to spoil it the book isn t out at the time of me reviewing but let s just say it would definitely push a young college kid s life off track and was preventable Of course it was a joyous occasion and reunited the lovely couple image error Summer has just been dumped by her boyfriend Mitch when the two accidently attend a party together before summer break at college When Mitch s cousin and roommate Hunter comes to her rescue the two end up back at her place and have a one night standBut the morning brings her mom with a big surprise she has gotten married and it comes with a step brother HunterWill the two stay riends or is the sexual tension between the two too hot When her mom has invited al. Invited him to her dorm room the night before they left campus or the summerThe morning after comes with a surprise neither of them saw coming Summer has a new stepbrotherHunte.
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Chance This book left me with that warm happy eelingI loved the heroine in this book she was such "a sweet girl dealing with a bad breakup with her jerk of a "sweet girl dealing with a bad breakup with her jerk of a boyfriend Our hero Hunter sigh who wouldn t love this guyHe swept in when she needed help and the chemistry between the two exploded into a night they would not United States of Americana forget Then when it all blows up and theyind out they are steps the real struggle begins I can definitely say I *cheered or these two throughout the book Yes they get their HEA *for these two throughout the book Yes they get their HEA always makes me "A Happy Reader But "happy reader but connected with these two and that just makes the storyline so much better EM Is a new author but this lady tells a story like she is a seasoned proI am so happy that she shared this story with me and I will be impatiently waiting or her next book I received an ARC of this novella in exchange Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller for a review This is a wonderful novella it has everything you need there to be in a book this size and then some The main characters are extremely likeable and you are rootingor them by the end You The Perfect Child feelor these characters and that is a hard thing to get you do with a novella it usually takes a Lost Horizon full length book to be able to achieve this I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and I will lookorward to reading books by this author in the True Prosperity future I received this book as ARCrom the author but I am 100% honest regardless of the Thing He Loves fact While I mostly enjoy YA Romance Ng she’s never done before has a one night standHunter watched Mitch treat Summer like crapor months so he was relieved when they broke up or good Even better was when she. ,
BIG SPOILERSview spoilerI wish I d known that this was gonna be a story about two idiots who somehow managed to get to college without learning to always use a condom I mean it wasn t even just the once they didn t use one It was multiple times Then when the inevitable happens the heroine tells her ex boyfriend at a party that she s pregnant BEFORE telling the hero Then when the hero overhears the heroines ex say she s lying about the baby not being his the ex s rather than believe the girl he s supposed to be crazy about he believes the ex and disappears Wow What a guy Aside Search Marketing Strategies from the irritating asuck main characters this just wasn t a good novella to me I love insta love but I need to believe the connection and I just didn t here The story didn t No Capital Required flow It was too short and skipped over most of their relationship It was just sex scenes Nothing interesting happens Also the only reason sheirst sleeps with the hero was to get back at her ex Nice The step brother thing was so random and was never an issue There was no drama or "big reveals It was like the author just decided to say they were step siblings because it "reveals It was like the author just decided to say they were step siblings because it such a popular theme lately I don t get why it was part of the story hide spoiler I have read alot of stepbrother books you might even say i am jaded So i was really excited when i was offered the chance to read this storyI was hoping this book might be different I am so glad I took the. On the heels of a horrific break up Summer is looking orward to having a couple months at home to lick her wounds After a run in with her ex leaves her reeling she does somethi. ,