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Although I didn t entirely appreciate the way Sora treated him view spoilerthere wasn t enough justification or explanation then he just shows up and expects t enough justification or explanation then he just shows up and expects is well Rude much hide spoiler This was a book of extremes for me I loved a lot of it and was beyond irritated with a lot of it too But the good outweighed the bad for meGoodStrong females and people of color throughout book including MC Interesting characters and world I could have spent a lot time in this world both on ship and on planetGood plot Not particularly original but it ept me engaged Excellent pacing except for the slow and long sex scenes But there were only a couple and they were moderately hot I couldn t put the book down and wasn t aware of the passage of timeHad planet have really long days about a month which is good Many SF stories only have planetary days slightly longer or shorter than ours I like the interspecies matingI think Sora s reaction to the whole mating thing was really good and plausibleThere were good and not so good characters on both sides It wasn t a case of evil humans and a sweet peace loving species that gets overrunAwesome epilogue mega spoiler view spoilerThey go out into space together rather than stay on the planet which usually happens Neither of them is physically changed either They find a way to make it work hide spoiler Ch Marsam muk is a race that has tentacles They live on a planet that is covered mostly by water They also if they are lucky find a mate their one and only He finds his in the name of a human named Sora Sora is sent to the their one and only He finds his in the name of a human named Sora Sora is sent to the Ch Marsam muk s planet because it is rich and plentiful of a special ore that is the best they ever had set their eyes on Sora and his group were sent to find out about the planet and to see if there are intelligent beings that live their already When they meet their is a strong attraction to one another But it isn t that easy They are separated for longs period of time as they both work on trying to find a balance So I got curious Decided To Read Some Tentacle Erotica Fans Of Erotica Gotta to read some tentacle erotica Fans of erotica gotta their limits sometimes So this ended up having a lot of a story than I had expected But I should have since it was part of the Love s Landscapes event and they are usually pretty good But I was a bit disappointed that the sex was not inventive Why else have all those arms if not for inventive sex I m gonna have to look for something a little sexier next time Or inkier Or tentacley Sweetly erotic tentacle sexSOLD Seriously between the tentacles and the suckers on this guy yeah I d be all in So in this one you ve joined the away team Grab your red shirt Some nice world building on the auatic planet of Varuna Good conflict Overall diverting with slithery probing intrigue double crossing and we finally see how far one man will go in the name of science. Prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnin. Bright Water Dark SkyI am rating the first 40% only Couldn t take any of this dry toast it reads like a combination of a science text book Yoda tho not as colorful and Leo Tolstoy however his long sentences are much easier to followAs For Romance So Far Two Creatures From romance So far two creatures from worlds a human named Sora and a merpus man o pus what do you call a merman with tentacles instead of a tail meet on an alien beach for half an hour or so They spend time building up a vocabulary by pointing at random things After running out of things to point at they get busy with some light groping that is until Sora s CO suddenly screams break from his wrist computer and in a 5 minute time comes over to scoop up her human Andand That S The End Of That that s the end of that Sora is back home waiting to be court martialed for breaking a scooter against a 9 meter ocean wave and almost dying from a hostile alien weather But in the meantime while waiting that is he is visiting seedy establishments and pining after his alien merpusAt the same time I hear there is some very evil plan is in progress especially evil because of the vicious verbal gay bashing since plain evil doesn t seem to uite cut it And that ladies and gents is where I almost threw my very brand new iPad into the wall The End I really liked the world building in this short story The descriptive passages of Varuna a water planet at the center of this sci fi plot are lovely and worth the read I felt like I got to now Sora too He s the brilliant methodical scientist and a loner in his space lab facility who could use a little action in his life On a scientific mission to explore the beautiful blue Varuna Sora feels a very strong pull to the place Ch Maram muk is also beautiful a mancephalopod hybrid a warrior water creature who falls for Sora He is a leader and fierce warrior in his clan Yet when he meets Sora Ch Maram muk shows great curiosity for his culture and a growing tenderness for the man When Sora uncovers a nefarious plot by some of his people to take over Varuna in order to basically strip mine an important natural resource there he realizes the great harm that will come not only to the planet but to Ch Maram muk and his people Sora will do whatever he can to protect this beautiful planet and his lover While he at times seems feckless in his actions Sora s experience on planet Varuna can almost be taken as a cautionary tale for environmental protection on our ownThere are some nice action seuences and of course some very hot tentacle loving All good and of course some very hot tentacle loving All good And I love the title evocative and fitting to the storyFor this and other great reviews author interviews and general fabulousness visit Love Bytes Creative with good character diversity and importantly nice tentsex Thank you Augusta Li 45 starsAugusta Li s novella is astonishing one of my favorite reads of the LL event. Dear AuthorWe’re a fun loving people a little blood thirsty but what race isn’t We’ve discovered some humans have landed on our planet not sure what they’re expecting to find or what they’re looking for We guard our treasure well and the fun loving part notwithstanding we’ll fight to defend what’s ours Amidst all this I’m trying to find my mate He .
Thus far Sora a scientist of human Japanese decent is part of a mission to explore a new planet Varuna Separated from his colleagues thanks to a storm and his own unuenchable curiosity Sora is rescued by Ch Marsam muk one of Verona s people all of whom live under the water Ch Marsam muk a craftsman and a warrior is a sort of whom live under the water Ch Marsam muk a craftsman and a warrior is a sort of with tentacles instead of a tale He recognizes Sora as his mate but how can a creature of the sea and a creature of the sky live together particularly when a contingent of the Sky People Wants To Exploit people wants to exploit s mineral resources This story is beautifully written and has a sweeping lush tone a feeling of endlessness and possibilities Set during the distant future where intergalactic travel is possible and humans have discovered that they are one of many species occupying the galaxies Bright Water Dark Sky is at once a sci fifantasy novel of political intrigue and a timeless romanceIf you read this book for Quran Made Easy kinky tentacle sex you ll be disappointed By the time the MCs come together I was so wrapped up in August Li s novella that the sex felt necessary a culmination of emotions and tenderness notink but a sweet sexual dance of discovery and love steamy yes but also beautiful selfless giving all consumingThis book has it all two complex MCs a well developed world where many species work together toward advancement and peaceexcept for those motivated by greed and power some things never change strong secondary characters udos to having so many powerful women in the story I loved reading about a future mostly lacking sexism racism and homophobia star crossed lovers space travel adventure serious feels sensual mating and a perfect epilogue Li took the prompt and blew it out of the park although I do think the prompt image conveys the feel of the story better than the cover pure deliciousness His body shimmered with light and energy and then he let it go giving it to Sora to the sky and the universe seeing bursts of color in his head feeling nothing but Sora against him their hearts hammering together lips entangled breath mingling So this book was a bet And I lost Except I won because I wasn t the one going through the tentacles yeah list to find no non con tentacles books Mwahahaha Evil laugh aside that was a nice novella there was an interesting plot the MCs were adorable and of course tentacles sex Full of details tentacles sex Now I now things And I ind of like tentacles books I may need another one to be sure Offered for FREE from the MM Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Thank you too all the amazing authors who participatedI liked this and I think it had a lot of potential I thought the human parts with Sora got a little boring and could have been cleaned up some Same with plot as a whole tighten things up a bit Tentacle sex was obviously super sexy. As to be somewherePhoto Description A digital painting of a very fit moonlit man submerged to the waist in the ocean and with tentacles emerging around himThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love’s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and. ,

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